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Recent posts by guo mark

In Question 9:
i1 passed in method m1 is a "local copy" of i1 in method m1.Any operation on it will not effect the m1 of Class GFC306 out side the method.But i2 is different,as there is not a variable named i2,this.i2(the class variable )will be used.
In Question 11:
pay atention in "this" means the class itsself
The override of the abstract class made the methd "default".which made the
classes in the same package of the subclass can access the method
I found when i put some .jar files in a "lib" directory such as \DefaultWebApp\WEB-INF\lib,the class in my .jar file still can not be visited by my aplication.I have to add my .jars to the classpath.
anyone can help me?
21 years ago
I am new in JUnit.
I found that junit can test public method only.I used to change private method to public and change it back after test,but i feel its
not the right way.
Anyone can do me a hand in that question?
21 years ago
each user own a session but not each may get a session shared by several browser source from some single page(for example you chick a hyperlink and open a new page in a new windon).
It is that you mean?
21 years ago
I got a object of Bean that hold the infomation of the current user in the session scope.
How can i get the reference to the object?
I write code below,but it does't works:
user = (CertUser)getServletContext().getAttribute("cert");
21 years ago
In my opinion, custom Tag make you html source code clear,and it make web developer without java skills easy to work with jsp.
21 years ago
Hey ,Talal. In java when you cast a variable or a object to its norrow type,you must specify the type you want to cast no matter the variable is in the range of the norrow type or not.
Hi guys ,i have just past my SCJP exam and want to begain my SCJD prepareing.
I only have a SL-285 office training text in hand and by now have no idea about joning a training from sun.
The question is where can i get some addtional resouse about SCJP?any one know some website about SCJD prepareing?
thanks first
Its not hard but hard enough for me
thanks all ,thanks for you halp.
22 years ago
Ara all Collection Class unsynchronied? or there are some synchronied and some unsynchronied?
A.exiting from a synchronized block.
B.calling the wait method on an object
C.calling the notify method on an object
D.calling a read method on an InputStream object
E.calling the setPriority method on a Thread object
are A,D
not clear,some one would go on ?