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Recent posts by Chrix Wu

Thai C. Tran wrote:Have you tried package ?

Hi, thanks for you reply.

I have read the example, but is that means i need to do following:
1. transforms the blob data in the database to a set of files?
2. then packs the files into zip?

is there a way to avoid creating the files, and creates only the zip file
12 years ago
the solution i saw on the web is about packing existing files as zip.

is there a solution that, i can accepts a set of streams ?
12 years ago
Hi folks, I have a set of files store in db as blob type , and i need to export all these files as zip file using DownloadAction.

I know how to export each file one by one, i just need to override the DownloadAction.StreamInfo inner class, and returns the input stream of blob file,

but what about zip ? can anyone suggest the way to do this? thanks!
12 years ago
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">


<div style="width:100px; overflow:hidden; border-right:1px">

<img rc="dropDownArrow.png"/>


attached is what the elements look like using above code,

What I want to achieve is: the img element must be on the right side of the drop down list

I tried to modify the css in various different way, but it does not work,

can anyone suggest what i should do??


Bear Bibeault wrote:Personally, I remove them before a build.

Another tactic I've seen is to create your own wrapper method that does nothing if the symbol console is undefined, and performs logging if it is.

thanks for your suggestion!

Bear Bibeault wrote:The console methods are supported by a wide range of browsers, but will cause problems if the browser does not support then or if debugging is turned off. Besides, do your customers really want to see your debugging messages on their consoles?

hi bear,

I dont know whether my client likes it or not.

my question is, how do you handle all these console debugging codes? we need to remove it one by one when the code is committed?

I am using "" together with firefox firebug to debug js code,

i have following question:

can i leave all these console debugging code in the js file, and if my client is using IE, what will happen? is that going to produce any unhappy outcomes?

in other words, Is "" for firefox/firebug only, or it is a js built in function?

olivier dutranoit wrote:Hi!

Are you using the j2ee form-based authentication framework?

in a system like that, following can happen :

-you request a servlet, jsp, whatever...
-you are not logged in yet, so the system shows you the login page first.
-after login, the system returns your original request...

could be something...

Yes, i am using j2ee form-based authentication framework.

as you said, after login the system should return my original request, but i HAVE clicks on the menu item, so the list() method should be called in theory.
12 years ago
Say I have Class A as super class, and it has method "caller()" which uses "callee()"

Then I have Class B inherits from A, and now I rewrites "callee()", and in the drived class version of "caller()", simple calls "super.caller()"

When Object B's caller() is invoked, is the new version of callee() going to be invoked too?

my client reported a problem that maybe created by session (our project is using a framework which based on struts). the defect is described as followed:

1. Client A logins in, and clicks on menu item, list() method is called in the backend to list a set of products

2. now the client B logins using the same user name with another browser or machine (client A is forced to log out ) .

3. client A tries to click on the 'search' button, but it is routed to the login page, so client A re-login with the user name

4. and client A clicks on the same menu item, BUT now "search" method is called unexpectedly (rather than the list() method)

Can anyone suggest what is the possible reason to the defect?

12 years ago
<div class="item">
<label>Bank name:</label>
<span class="value">BNPP MALAYSIA COMMERCIAL BANKA</span>

on the page, the "BNPP MALAYSIA COMMERCIAL BANK" string is too long, so that the "BANK" goes to second line, but not aligned properly with the first line.

how do i make sure that the two lines are left-aligned properly?? thanks
Hi folks,

I am using eclipse to do a series of hibernate examples,

each of them is an independent project under same workspace,

but all of them are referring to same set of jar files, e.g. hibernate core jars, jdbc, etc.

currently i need to configure the build path for each of them, which is very tedious, is there any better way to do it?

I can't find any websphere integration developer for macbook on the ibm website?

does ibm provided mac version of WID?
12 years ago

Is it possible that data gets in here is not the original data sent by backend?

in other words, is it possible someone do any kind of data interceptions when response?

Bear Bibeault wrote:Why does it matter?

if i expect the attribute name to be "Name", but it turns out to be "name", I don't think i can gets the attribute value