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Alberto Larios

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since Nov 23, 2009
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Recent posts by Alberto Larios

Thanks for the clarifying, I think that I need to learn the EJB3.1 as I know that in my job are intended to work with EJB to develop web services

Well as you said that its deploying time is littler

Thank you very much Leonardo for asure me that I am in the right way.
Hello there

I've already started reading a book named [Beginning Javaâ„¢ EE 6 Platform with GlassFishâ„¢ 3], do you thing is it better to start reading that book you told me instead of that one that I am?

Thank you
I appreciate your fast response

I am new in J2EE, and as the subject says, I have to learn to develop EAR applications using an EJB module that supports JPA persistence provided by hibernate, and a WEB module for creating Web Services, all this under Glassfish.

I got it working using netbeans, the problem was trying to understand what netbeans does for me, then I wanted that you give me a guide or a place where to find that guide.

Please Help me...