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Recent posts by claudiu teodorescu

Yeap... I could connect by forwarding the port on my router.... but when I try from a friend... (with no router) I cannot connect to him (he would be the server who initiates the connection). Don't know why... try tell your friend so close all the firewalls and try again...
Finally I could recod the video and the sound. The file was 0 bytes length cause I didn't close the processor and datasink because my WindowClose event was not working properly.
Note: I use LiveStream and DataSource classes from ScreenGrabber example from Sun AND I renamed DataSource to CDataSource (because it was confusing for netbeans IDE) + I passed the MediaLocator in the constructor of CDataSource class so, in that class you must modify this:

This is the main class (don't forget to select the right recording device of your soundcard). I post it for everyone trying to do this
Enjoy my code

11 years ago
Well... I try make it work but looks like the file is 0 bytes lenght.... something is wrong with recording...
11 years ago
I already used screenshots with Robot and send them as byte arrays using sockets but the framerate is to little, so I wanted to capture my screen as video file and stream it to the client using HTTP... first I want to record the screen to a video file. I tried this but the video file is 0 bytes... Don't know why. Hre is the code: I used DataSource and LiveStream example classes (LiveStream feeds the DataSource with screenshots using a Robot). I renamed DataSource to CDataSource and passed the MediaLocator to is

Why is that file 0 bytes? something wrong with datasink?
11 years ago
I have to capture video desktop activity (including audio) to a file using JMF. I spent hours and hours searching this... a have studied a lot of classes, examples BUT I don't know how to bind them... how to record the actvity. My project is to record screen activity, upload on a server and finally control my computer remotely from an applet (or from another java desktop application).

Can someone show me some hints or code for modifying JVidCap example from Sun? Someone else on Sun forum said he could do it but did not say how...

I just want to modify the video capturing so that I get the screen actifity recorded. I read nearly all examples possible including Screen Grabber...

Please help me!

This is the capturing class in the example:

I also have two classes to get the screen activity as datasource... but I really don't understand how to implement them in my application because there is no method returning a datasource object...

This captures the frames using a Robot and feeds them to DataSource class:

Sorry I posted 3 big classes but I hope someone can bind them or help me to go on on this project.... it is so important to me ...
11 years ago
I made my ip static. And tried to forward the port.. see the images... I don't know if I made it well... all I know is I cannot connect the client to server yet. It's working in LAN. Thanks for interest in helping me

Thanks for reply, Henry.
My computer which would run the server application is behind a router (ASUS). I don't know how to forward the port. The other computer (a friend) runs the client and I don't think he has a router... but however I will take your advices.
I must add that I tried to run the server and client both on my computer and connect the client to my public address. If the port was forwarded the connection should be entablished?
Now as you know exactly the situation can you tell me how to forward the port? And should I disable my antivirus and firewall or add the forwarded port as "trusted"?


I wrote a chat application, client+server using sockets. The problem is that I have to make it comunicate over internet and it's working only over LAN. I disabled my firewall, I verified my address to be public BUT I cannot make it work over internet. What's the problem? If I connect the client to my local IP, ok. If I try to connect it to my public or someone else computer my public IP, it's not working. "Connection is refuzed"
I need this so much! Please help if you can! My application should send files over internet between the two computers. I tried all these days...