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Recent posts by Raj Kumar

I think I got 5 questions on Design Patterns. There were no questions which asked to recognize a pattern from the UML diagram. Questions on patterns are quite trivial actually. Mostly they will be scenario based asking u identify the most relevant pattern for a given scenario.
Congrats Madhav!
What next?
Congrats! Please let us know ur experience (study tips, references, time frame etc) in detail.
I guess I had 4 fill in the blank questions. All the best for ur exam!
Thanks Anand for the excellent mock. I used it and found it very useful. And as others say, it is perhaps the closest mock exam to the real one!
Hi Manish, refer to this link for many good links for prepartion:
What is SCI btw?
Link to the jsp spec is on the same page towards the bottom.
Congrats Mark. Good luck on next one
I think his mock is based jsp 1.1 specs. Yeah, there are some typos here and there. And the difficulty level, for sure, is far higher than the actual exam. But it sure serves its purpose. Makes u study more and more!
Oops. That link takes u back to their certification home page! Try this:
Hi Srini,
The link for the pdf file is:
Nice to find u here. Whats ur time frame for the exam? Hope we can work thru this together. Good luck!
Arathi, I think of the 9 objectives given in Weblogic Developer Certification, only one or two are covered in SCWCD. Its an exam at a different level and with different objectives.
Congrats Terence. Wish the very best
Many thanks for all the inputs I think I am also going for the Architect (may be in May...) Not much activity going in the Architect forum though... I found some notes in the yahoo groups section.. Its called scea_j2ee