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Recent posts by ali hammad

Business Intelligence is hot these days and the big data phenomenon is tempting. I've developed interest for it lately. I'm a Java developer with 5 years of experience in Java/JEE, front-end web technologies and I'm good at SQL as well but I want to switch to a less programming intensive job. But I wanna stay in the tech industry.

Here are my thoughts and a few questions

Would anyone consider me for a BI position with a programmer background? If yes,then why? If no, then how can I get into BI sector? Do I need some certification or a degree before someone takes me seriously?

Who are the big players in BI (vendors) and what tool suites they have in their pockets? And who among these is highest in demand?

Please suggest some good books or online resources to get myself familiar with BI

Thank you
8 years ago
In build.xml, replace this

with this
10 years ago
@Prakash Jebaraj Thank you so very much, you've saved my day .. Your solution worked for me .. thanks a lot
12 years ago
@Gregg Bolinger Thank you very much. Your code solved my problem. Thanks alot
12 years ago
I am extending Alfresco and created a table in database, i want to do view/add/edit/delete operations on that table. For that I created a jsp and showed the table data in a datatable JSF component.

Secondly, I have two input fields and a Save (submit) command button. This button calls a method saveLookupItem of LookupTable Bean. Here is the command button with two input fields.

When command button is pressed, following method is called successfully.

This above method eventually calls the save method of A DAO lookupTableDao which is as follows

This save method runs without any error but does not save any value. On the other hand methods that fetch data from db table like "findAll" and "findById" work fine. Please suggest what can I do to insert/save data.

JSF Managed bean

spring bean which is defined in application-context.xml

12 years ago