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Hi Ranchers,

Has someone experienced on taking a training and later credited for OCMJD6, given that someone is still not OCPJP6?


Aki Mohan wrote:hey guys, thanks but I gave the exam today and passed with 90%

Congratulations! Well done.
I don't quite get what you're asking here, but you can do data validation without additional framework as you mentioned. You can do the validation in the database level (using a query), or in your java code (do a comparison) after you get the data from database and login page.
7 years ago
If you're not confident, best to reschedule.
Hi Ranchers,

Found below the approved courses for this certification. Anybody already attended 1 of the courses? Did the course greatly helped you on the succeeding parts of this certification path?

Thank you in advance.

  • Java EE 6: Develop Database Applications with JPA
  • Java EE 6: Develop Business Components with JMS & EJBs
  • Architect Enterprise Applications with Java EE
  • Building Database Driven Applications with JPA
  • Business Component Development with EJB Technology, Java EE 6
  • Creating Web Services Using Java(TM) Technology
  • Developing Applications for the Java EE 6 Platform
  • Developing Web Applications using JSF Technologies
  • Developing Web Services Using Java Technology
  • Java Design Patterns
  • Java Programming Language, Java SE 6
  • Java SE 7 Fundamentals
  • Java SE 7 Programming
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML
  • Web Component Development with Servlets & JSPs, Java EE 6
  • Developing Secure Java Web Services, Java EE 6
  • Java EE 6: Develop Web Applications with JSF NEW
  • Java EE 6: Develop Web Components with Servlets & JSPs
  • Java EE 6: Develop Web Services with JAX-WS & JAX-RS
  • I'm planning to get this certification, most probably take the required training in late January next year.
    HINT: the time spent on coding case statements on this problem might be equal on studying basic regex.
    7 years ago

    E Armitage wrote:
    No EJB is not the main point of the certification. The ability to pick a solution and justify it among several options is more important.
    In fact, with EE6 CDI EJB will generally become less used. The essay doesn't ask you use EJB either. The essay just asks you how you addressed non functional requirements in your assignment.

    I've been using EJB for 5 years now, thanks for citing CDI and actually hearing a lot about this. Will definitely check.

    Fernando Franzini need to know to use EJB well.

    Certification makes the realization of one knowing well a technology. I guess I'll go into this route based on my past experience for OCPJP6. Thanks.
    For those that commented EJB is a big part of this certification, will it make sense to pass the certification "Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer" first? Will it be a big advantage then?
    Hi ranchers,

    Just want to get your feedback if OCMJEA6 is doable without strong foundation of EJB, etc. as the certification path does not indicate any prerequisite certification.

    Thank you in advance.


    Pawel Pawlowicz wrote:I went for the cheapest one

    Unfortunately they have the same price (in Philippine Peso), will checkout the book you mentioned though, thanks.
    Hi co-ranchers,

    May I ask for your recommendation on which training should I take that would greatly help me on the master assignment. From Oracle, I see the recommended trainings are:

  • Developing Applications With the Java SE 6 Platform
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using UML

  • Somebody attended this training? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    Took the exam yesterday, and yes
    Really glad of what I've achieved, many thanks to K&B and Devaka for the superb study guide and devilish mock exams.
    Thank you also for ranchers wishing me luck.

    Exam notes:
  • No serialization
  • No drag and drop

  • Mock Exam Results (ExamLab):
  • Diagnostic (45%)
  • Prac.1 (51%)
  • Prac.2 (50%)
  • Prac.3 (46%)

  • Mock Exam Results (K&B):
  • PE1 (27/60)
  • PE2 (28/60)
  • PE3 (39/60)

  • Mock Exam Results (
  • PE1 (87%)

  • 7 years ago