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Recent posts by Lee Feder

This is going to sound really dumb and I fully accept any slaps in the head anyone wants to give me.
It turns out that only Websphere version 1 is installed on the AS/400 so no wonder it wouldn't start.
Sorry to have wasted your time.
I read that Websphere Standard Edition 3.5 was a free license program option on v4r5. I didn't realise it had to be ordered separately.
Is this option really free? I can't believe IBM just gives things like this away.
Has anyone else got 3.5 this way?
21 years ago
Hello all,
I'm trying to set up WAS v3.5 Standard Edition on an AS/400. It was already installed as part of OS400 v4r5 so I haven't loaded anything myself.
My first problem is I can't find the CD with the Administerative Console. Does anyone know which CD it comes on?
My second question is how the blazes do I start WAS? I've read the IBM web based installation docs. It tells me to start subsystem QEJB/QEJBSBS. However there is no QEJB library on my AS/400.
Have I missed something?
I can't believe how painful this is.
Hopefully someone out there can help...
21 years ago
Thanks for your input. It's been helpful.
21 years ago
Thanks for your reply.
I just tried the same test on my Mac and it worked fine straight away. Wierd
The file I was trying to write on Win2K was allowing Everyone Full Control. I even tried giving myself full control as well (that's how desperate I am).
The only obvious difference between my Win2K and MacOS X set up is the Mac is running Deploy Tool 1.3.1 and the Windows machine, v1.3.
I hate these problems that have no obvious reason. I thought, perhaps that servlets obeyed similar security restrictions as applets. It seems not.
[ April 13, 2002: Message edited by: Lee Feder ]
21 years ago
I've got to write a small web app based on an AS/400. I've never touched WAS in my life so I could do with some advice.
I only intend using servlets, JSP's and vanilla Java classes (i.e. no EJBs).
Should I be able to use v3.5 to do this or do I need to get v4.0 for single server? v3.5 comes standard with AS/400s so it would be nice if I could just use that.
Which version of Java does 3.5 support?
What do I need to get started?
If I write my app to work with the standard J2ee SDK, should it work on Websphere?
I've looked on IBM's Website and there's enough documentation to fell all the trees in Norway. So if anyone can give me some pointers, I'd be very grateful.
21 years ago
I'm having difficulty writing to a file on the server from within a servlet.
Whenever the servlet tries to open the file I get the following Tomcat exception report:

I must mention that I'm just using Sun's J2SDKEE1.3 to test this app.
I've set my .java.policy file (in my home directory) to the following:

Can anyone help me sort this out before I go insane.
Another question this leads to is when is the security policy loaded?
Thanks for your help.
Bartender, give my a whiskey.
21 years ago
Don't worry, I fixed it.
Here's what the solution was (I can't believe it was so simple).

I am a chump!
22 years ago
I've spent ages on this problem but to no avail. Hopefully, one of you guys can help me.
I want to allow users to add a node to a JTree. I'm simulating this by using a button that looks at the current selection and adds a new node to it like this -
parentNode.add( childNode );
where parentNode and childNodes are DefaultMutableTreeNodes.
However this node is only ever visible if it was added to a branch that hasn't been expanded yet. Expanded branches don't get the new node.
What do I have to do to make the new node visible in expanded branches?
22 years ago
You need the Java plug-in.
Then use the OBJECT tag instead of the APPLET tag. It's all in the docs.

[This message has been edited by Lee Feder (edited March 01, 2001).]
23 years ago
I'm posting this because I spent ages trying to reopen a JInternalFrame that had been closed.
To save memory and keep performance up, I decided to create a single instance of a JInternalFrame and just redisplay it as necessary. However, after it had been displayed and closed, the InternalFrameListener wouldn't process the InternalFrameClosing event.
The solution:

I hope this helps people with the same problem.
If you know a better solution, let me know.
Take it easy,
23 years ago
Thanks Nate, it works a treat.
23 years ago
Oh I forgot, the applet must be able to run offline too.
23 years ago
Is it possible to load data from a file held in one of the jar files in the ARCHIVE parameter?
Basically, I've got a couple of property files that I'd love the applet to read when it gets initialised.
Can anyone help?
23 years ago
Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls!
I passed the SCJP today with 88%. I have to say I was disappointed with this score - I was sure I had only missed one or two questions. Even though my ego is deflated, it's good to be part of the exclusive club!
I would say the exam was slightly more difficult than Marcus Green and RHE mocks, but not much (I was getting 92-95% in these). The RHE questions were the closest to the real thing. All questions were straight forward and there were no strange/wierd uses of Java. There were no trick questions! (even all of the main methods were declared properly!). However, I had to read almost every question at least twice. They are very precise.
I can't remember the exact spread of questions but every objective was covered. There were 4-5 questions that contained long programs where I had to scroll down to answers . 3 type in the answer. The type-in questions tell you exactly what you should type (even listing words in some cases).
I programmed Java as a hobby for about a year before studying for the exam. I would recommend you have some experience before reading the exam study guides. I studied for about 3-4 months with a break of 3-4 weeks in the middle (work ).
Many thanks to JavaRanch (including everyone who posts to this BB) I think it would be nearly impossible to pass without you! Kudos to the authors of RHE and to Marcus Green - you guys know your stuff.
I mainly used RHE (read it many times), Rules Roundup, Java API, JLS and Marcus' site. I don't know why people say that RHE is no good for GridBagLayout. It is covers on 517-522. Make sure you apply the errata.
My advice is to be sure of the fundamentals (Java and OO). Don't go too deep into the API. Have a good night sleep the night before. Get to the exam site early so you can chill out first.
Peace and B Wild.
That declaration is incorrect because Main begins with an uppercase M not lowercase m. Otherwise, it would be correct.
BTW will the exam really try to test these other strange method declarations (i.e. final, private, protected)?