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Recent posts by Joe Ess

Gary Moffat wrote:Not at all, I can and do plan my own life and lifestyle. I just have a few hours now and then waiting in hotel rooms and airports when it would be interesting to chat with people. I begin to be sorry I started this thread.

I apologize.  I was trying to stir up some humor in your original post.  The name of this forum is "Meaningless Drivel", after all.
2 days ago

Gary Moffat wrote:I am a professional planner...What shall we do?

Let me get this straight, you are a professional planner, yet you can't figure out how to plan your life so you have the lifestyle you aspire to?
3 days ago
Welcome to the Ranch.  I added Code Tags to your post to make your code easier to read.
Speaking of which, that's a whole heap of undocumented code with variable names that don't mean anything to me and I really can't make heads or tails of what it is supposed to do or where it could go wrong.  My advice would be to whittle down the problem as much as possible.  Start with a simple, stand-alone cost calculation routine and add variables/data inputs one at a time.  If you Isolate the Problem, you'll probably discover the solution yourself and if you don't, you'll make it easier for us to help you.
1 week ago
Welcome to the Ranch.  I think the introductory documentation on interceptors and the example of how to write one are pretty straightforward.  Have you given it a try?
1 week ago
Looks like my Nexus 6p won't be getting it.  
I guess I'll have to comfort myself with a piece of real pie. 
1 week ago
Does the web browser report any errors on the page?
1 week ago

Jan de Boer wrote:

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Joe Ess wrote:. . . 40 is a significant number in the Bible and the Quran. . . .

I have never believed that

[The] biblical expression “40 days and 40 nights” just means a really long time.

I always thought it meant, “a few weeks.”

I think I found it! So they actually mean one agile sprint!

4 weeks ago

Jan de Boer wrote:

Campbell Ritchie wrote:In ancient times a forty‑day fast regarded as the longest safe fast.

Where does that number 40 come from.? It reminds me of this story

40 is a significant number in the Bible and the Quran.  See here
1 month ago

John Matthews wrote:Thanks for the replies.

As I said, the Oracle JDK may give you better performance across the board. 

I'm afraid I don't know; they 'feel' the same

Definitely follow up with IT to see if there's any differences between the systems. That would be a very likely cause. I've also used benchmark programs like DeCapo to look at (close to) real-world performance of my servers.

Sorry, not sure what you mean. 

I think Stephan wants to know if you are using a source control system to manage your code or if you manage the source by hand.  If you aren't using source control, it's possible that you have file variations between your systems that will be difficult to identify.
1 month ago
Is the full output from java -version identical?  I used to see a significant performance penalty when I used OpenJDK installed by default on a lot of Linux distributions.  I think it has gotten better in recent years, but I always install the Oracle JDK just in case. 
1 month ago

Jan de Boer wrote:I sometimes fast,

Since you plan to fast, I would bet that you are mentally prepared for the negative feedback your body gives you when you are hungry.  You have probably developed some coping strategies, perhaps without realizing it.  Likewise, I bet that most people are habituated to regular meals and are unprepared for the very real physiological effects of skipping one. 
In my example above, I probably could have gone a while more without eating, but engaging in an activity that I was not looking forward to (i.e. shopping) would probably have been very unpleasant had I not had a snack.
1 month ago
I wanted to check back in and confirm that once we had SSL enabled from the proxy to Tomcat, this issue was resolved. 
We had quite a bit of trouble getting Tomcat's Connector configured.  If I specify any security options like sslProtocol, sslEnabledProtocols or ciphers, the proxy would not connect.  If I do not specify those parameters, Bluecoat connects fine and selects the most secure options (i.e. using TLS v1.2 and a very secure cipher) even though those were the values for the options I specified earlier.  I don't think this matters, seeing as how it is Bluecoat that negotiates security with the browser, but just one more thing to add to the "not working as expected" list.
1 month ago
That's a start...

Sal Ash wrote:
but my output is like this, I am failing to break my formatting at exclamation mark, which seems to be a common point to reformat

Interesting you say that, because you only show us one exclamation point in your example.  Do you have a specification for your input and output?  I am curious to know if you can have output lines like:

I'm also curious to know if this is a project for a class.  The reason I ask is that I am tempted to use certain data structures, for example a tree.  However, if what you have learned so far would bring you to a different solution, we should know that.

As for your code, it looks like Python includes the line separator character when it reads in a line.  Your next step could be to look at removing that character from your data since your output doesn't require it.
1 month ago
Have you tried reading the file with a Python script and printing it out?  That would be a good first step.
1 month ago