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Recent posts by Joe Ess

What is your local web server?  If it is Tomcat, do you have your Connector(s) configured with a proxyName/proxyPort like this:

see here for more info
2 months ago
Then when you go to apply...
3 months ago

Adrian Grabowski wrote:"Halt and Catch Fire" was quite good as well

I never thought I'd see the day where a dramatic series had a pivotal plot moment like a new web browser being released.  
3 months ago
Didn't you already ask this question?  If the answers in that topic were not sufficient, what more information do you need?
3 months ago
What features do you think an Integrated Development Environment should have?  Does the combination of Anakonda and Notebook fit that description?
3 months ago
Given that this topic is over a decade old, I don't think anyone else will be contributing to it.  You may want to create a new topic describing your particular situation so we can better address your issues.
If you are using Tomcat, you may want to look at the ProxyName and ProxyPort parameters of your Connector configuration see here
4 months ago
Think Python is a good introduction to Python as well as basic programming skills.
4 months ago
Have you checked the server logs?  Tail the logs when you deploy the application.  Some issues will occur during deployment leaving the application unavailable.
What application server are you using?  I've been having an issue deploying a Struts 2.5 app on Weblogic, but I haven't had time to determine if the issue is something I've done or related to the Struts upgrade.
5 months ago
And what happens to that variable in the loop?
7 months ago
Where do you read in the guess?
7 months ago
Awesome in-depth look at the design and restoration of an original Apollo Guidance Computer.  

Puts my tinkering with a Raspberry Pi to shame!
7 months ago
A class on Logic.  I was never good at math and had little interest in computers (There was no JavaRanch in 1990 to help us noobs!).  I was taking a lot of electives in anthropology and philosophy, so I signed up for a course in Logic thinking it would be about Rhetoric.  That's where it started, but it quickly moved on to Mathematical logic like Boolean logic and formal proofs.  For some reason, probably because it wasn't presented as boring old numerical "math", everything clicked into place and it opened up a whole new path for me.  I finished my Bachelor's degree in Literature and wound up getting a second Bachelor's degree in Computer Science thanks to that class.  
7 months ago
The Struts team has announced the End of Life for Struts 2.3.  For the next six months, they will remediate security issues as practical.  After six months, approximately May 2019, Struts 2.3 will no longer be updated.
See the announcement here
Update your applications to Struts 2.5 as soon as possible.  There is an upgrade guide in the Struts documentation (note that this article is part of the deprecated Struts documentation Wiki.  Please post if you find a more up-to-date source).
8 months ago