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Afzal Rehman

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Recent posts by Afzal Rehman

It's all depend upon your requirements , Personally i think Oracle Service Bus is a good solution for integration but it's quite expensive in terms of license.
8 years ago
There are numbers of tools are available such as Adobe, Pega Systems and Oracle , I know the BPM tool from Oracle which is called Oracle BPM Suite, Basically you don't require low details of the code,Oracle BPM is using BPMN standards with unified runtime environment.
8 years ago
You can use ESB with BPEL orchestration that might help you . if you are using Oracle SOA Suite then you can expose BPEL process with ESB.
8 years ago
I have read really good article about Java Web Services that might help.
8 years ago
You score well if you feel comfortable then go for a exam.
It's depand upon individual . i believe before start the scjp training you suppose to read some object oreinted concept books
and some books for java beginners .but if you feel confident you can straight away start scjp preparation.

Thanks I will have a look!
Thanks sir,
but how any reference it would help me to more clear this concepts

Point to remember

1- Instance variables and Objects live on Heap.

2- Local Variables Live on Stack.

Just i am going through an example to demonstrate clearly

Conclusion which i think All local will live on stack. and Instance variables and Objects live on Heap

Many Thanks
Hi ,

As you said data stored in EST format.

so First thing you need to convert the data from EST to GMT.
i am trying to give you idea then sorted out yourself whatever you want to achieve

// Create the Date

Date d = new Date();

get that particular date from your database field

DateFormat gmt= new SimpleDateFormat();
TimeZone gmtTime = TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT");


gmtFormat.format(date); convert this toString

Then you would have in GMT format.

This is hint may be you can figureout whatever you want to achieve.

Best Regards

11 years ago
what ever is your data class you should have to override the toString method and gives the appropriate values.
Whatever you expect. toString method will give understandable representation of object.
11 years ago
Simple When you will sort the collection then you can iterate in sorted order.

HashSet is not sorted and ordered collection.

There are many types of set some are sorted and ordered., some are unordered and unsorted .

It's all depand upon your requirement when to you what....

Congrate !!!
11 years ago
Hi Sajjad,

I have read this article when i was confused with the concept of comparable and comparator
when to use comparable and when to use comparator.

Check out this tutorial
Hi Giz,

Good .. but you know yourself if you feel confident then go for it. but before it Just Download the ExamLab developed by Devaka cooray. i think his exam simulator match with real exam. but question are little bit tougher then real exam.

Many Thanks