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Recent posts by Nilessh Ganu

Marco Bresciani wrote:
Oh, ok. So I can continue using the tool I'm working with. It's the non commercial version of Software Ideas Modeler and seems quite complete and it also exports in JPG, PNG, ...

I'll take care using href instead of img tags. Instead, text and notes and description of the diagrams can be added in the index or other HTML pages, right?

Yes, sounds good!
Sorry I mistyped ... I meant we can export the UML diagrams to image files like jpegs or bmps.
I used the jpegs and my index.html had the hrefs pointing to the jpeg's as you have already suggested.

I used Visual paradigm for the UML diagrams. After exporting, it produces a 'not for commercial use' kind of watermark in the image files. But in our case, that won't be a problem.
You can use href's to the html files.
To generate htmls for the UML diagrams, you can use UML IDE's like StarUML, visual paradigm that can export the diagrams to HTML files.

You can use style sheets in your HTMLs as well to improve the readablility. I had used internal style sheets to be accessed within the HTML page.

Best Luck!
Subhash, Naresh,

If you are able to see the passing score in pearsonvue(which I think is the case for both of you), you have PASSED. You will get the pass mail soon.
I already got my success kit but the status is same as what you see in pearsonvue and certview.
I got the pass mail on 4th December. The address confirmatory email said '2 to 3 weeks' time for processing and delivery of success kit.
Are you able to see any entries in Success Kit Status on site ??

I was also curious about the time to get the PASS status updated both on and certview ?
In certview, I could see only ASSIGNMENT status marked as PASS. Pearsonvue still shows the status as TAKEN.

Thanks to all!
11 years ago

joey cole wrote:Hi guys,

I am preparing for my OCMJEA part 2 (Dreamcar assignment) resubmission. I failed my class and deployment diagrams. I would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback on the following:

Class diagrams (25/40)

  • missing ejb/explanation class-level details
  • - I am not sure what this means; I did display my EJB/MDB annotations using UML comments. Any suggestions on what else is there to display?

    Did you specify kind of the EJB beans like @stateless, @Entity ??

    joey cole wrote:
    Deployment diagram (13/24)

  • missing complete platform profile details such as web/app server, OS, RDBMS, etc.
  • - I provided basic hardware configurations such as operating system, memory, hard disk, JDK. Anything else I should be including?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    I had additionally mentioned example Application server & DB versions.
    For clustering/proxy combinations I found this link really useful.

    Hope this helps.
    Hello Ranchers,

    I am extremely happy and relieved to receive the CONGRATULATIONS mail yesterday. I got score: 135/160.
    I had submitted the assignment on 25th August and appeared for essay on 27th August.

    I would like to thank this wonderful forum and wonderful forum members for all the feedbacks/suggestions/guidance/experiences shared here.
    Special thanks to Jeanne Boyarsky, Rishi Shehrawat, Krzysztof Koziol, Saket Mittal, Gurukant Desai.
    11 years ago
    Gurukant, Congratulations!

    Me too got the PASS mail yesterday for the assignment submitted on 25th August.
    11 years ago
    11 years ago
    Congrats Tarun

    11 years ago
    Good Score, Congrats!
    11 years ago
    I think you can again contact Oracle to confirm the doubt in your mind about 114+ score after re-submission.
    Yes it's really dis-heartening for making us to wait for more than 3-4 months and again dealt with such scenarios
    Is your overall score < 114 (or is it equal to 110 to be precise) ?

    Since 114 is the minimum passing score, Oracle might have asked you to resubmit the assignment which is the only means perhaps to improve the total score?
    Though I am also still waiting for my result, this is the first thought that came up in my mind.