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Recent posts by Fawad Ali

I have never worked with XML and SOAP envelopes. I am trying to write a generic algorithm to read a flat file and to write the details into a SOAP like XML file. I was thinking of the following approach but want to know if there would be a better approach to do it.

  • Create a file containing the sample XML envelope with variables instead of the actual values
  • Create a properties file which contains a mapping between the variables and the index of the column (containing value for this variable) in the flat file.
  • Read the Flat file line by line in Java Code. Convert the line to an ArrayList based on the columns in the line
  • For each line, I read the sample XML envelope as defined in Step 1 above. I replace the variables in the XML string with the values from the arraylist based on the associated variable index.
  • Write the XML to a file.

  • I can write the xml file by javax.xml.soap.MessageFactory but that would make the mapping complex and would probably take more time to execute.

    Any suggestions on the right approach to achieve this?
    6 years ago
    Hi All,
    We have an application which is hosted in tomcat with HTTP. Now we want to change the protocol to HTTPs. Can you please let me know on what steps to follow to implement the HTTPs protocol.
    8 years ago
    Thanks a lot Tim for your help.

    The error was due to the fact that AJP port for tomcat was not accessible from outside.

    After opening the port, I simply placed the static content on the server on which Apache was hosting so I did not need to have a network path be mapped on the WebServer.

    8 years ago
    Like always, thanks a lot for the reply.

    I am using the following apart from the defaults

    My Webserver is on one machine which is not part of the internal company domain due to security reasons.
    I want all requests to the Application Server to pass through the Webserver.
    First, I tried installing the 2 servers on the same machine and everything worked fine for me.
    The problem comes when I installed the Webserver on a different machine which is not part of the domain. Initially, the computer was unable to access the Tomcat location (Not the URL but actual folder location) but later on the network administrator managed to allow the access through a strange kind of URL \\ApplicationServerFullName\cim$\apache-tomcat-7.0.63\webapps\app I am able to access the tomcat server's webApps folder by this URL from the WebServer in the browser.
    But when I put that URL in the Virtualhost's Directory directive, it is then that the problem arise and I am unable to access the application through Apache.
    I am not sure but I guess the issues arise due to one of the following:
  • HTTPD.conf setting does not understand the shared location path due to the dollar sign \\ApplicationServerFullName\cim$\apache-tomcat-7.0.63\webapps\app. If this is the case, what should I do then?
  • The virtual host's directory directive shouldn't use the network location of tomcat from Webserver which is \\ApplicationServerFullName\cim$\apache-tomcat-7.0.63\webapps\app. Instead, it should use the relative path within the application server which is D:\apache-tomcat-7.0.63\webapps\app. I will try this one and will see if this fix the issue

  • Thanks a lot for your time
    8 years ago
    I dont know if the Tomcat Forum serves the VisrtualHosts questions so apologies in advance.

    I have a scenario where all the requests to the Tomcat Server (Application Server) should go through the Apache 2.2 (Web server). Both the servers are on 2 different machines. The 2 machines are not on the same domain or network due to security reasons.

    I have to use a Virtual Host setting like below because this had already been used by other developers in my company and its fully tested and works fine.

    This works fine for me if I install both the apache and tomcat server on the same machine. However, if I install the Apache and Tomcat Server on different machines (As Required) then I make few changes to the HTTPD.conf and after that I am unable to access the Application through Apache. The application is accessible from the WebServer through the Appplication URL though (using port 8080).

    Can somebody please help me in pointing out what I am doing wrong?

    After changing the WebServerFullName, the ApplicationServerFullName and the Network Path to Application Deployment Folder on Tomcat, the New Virtual Host Settings are:

    I have my doubt on the Network Path to the application deployment Folder on Tomcat because as the 2 computers are not on the same Network, the network administrator had to give me a Strange Path considering the DOLLAR ($) sign in it, \ApplicationServerFullName\cim$\apache-tomcat-7.0.63\webapps\app (Which is accessible from WebServer through the browser though)

    Other Details Are:

  • Apache2.2
  • apache-tomcat-7.0.63-windows-x64
  • Windows Server 2012 for both Web And Application Servers.

  • Tomcat Server.xml AJP Settings:




    8 years ago
    Thanks a lot for the replies. Can you guys please guide me to a suitable link for configuring tomcat with https?
    10 years ago
    Hi All,
    I have ggogle the 2 terms and found out that https is actually combination of http and ssl protocols and is secured. Now being a programmer, do we need to code an https pages differently or what. And how can I configure Apache Tomcat to respond to https calls as well?

    Thanks in advance.
    10 years ago
    Hi All,
    Forgive me if its not a right place for this post. I am in search of an Open Source project which could manage a small level shop. Can you guys guide me to one which would do the basic stuff for a shop like creating orders, printing orders, keeping track of items and products, keeping a record of sales etc.
    Hi All:
    I do not know if its the right forum or not for my post so forgive my ignorance. I need to develop a Web Application to access some sensitive data. What possible security features should I implement in my application. Right now I can only think of the following 2.
  • provide access for Authenticated users with username and encrypted passwords.
  • Keep a record of the IPs of users accessing the sensitive data.
  • 10 years ago
    Hi Ranchers:
    I want to have a fixed column editable data grid in my application just like the excel grid so when user wants to edit it he is able to do so and whenever user wants to increase the number of rows he may do it. Can you help me in pointing to some work on this or to a work similar to this?

    Thanks in advance
    11 years ago
    Hi All:
    I am J2EE Developer. I have never worked on the desktop. Can you guys point me to some tutorial which may take me from a very simple GUI development to complex GUI development.

    Thanks in advance.
    11 years ago
    Hello All:
    I do not know if its a right place for this post or not. I want to know about free bug tracking applications like JIRA, but JIRA is not free. Any suggestions will help me a lot.
    Hi Guys:]
    I want to integrate Rest services with Struts 2.0. Where can I find a nice and easy tutorial for this.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    11 years ago
    Thank you all for your replies. What I actually do inside is as under

    While addColor() is

    And the convertToHtmlCode is

    I guess, I will have to use StringBuilder and will try to make the functionality further efficient.
    12 years ago
    Really, there is not any other way of doing it? I get Java heap space when I add other calculations into the inner loop.
    12 years ago