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Recent posts by Tapas Chand

Peter Rooke wrote:Head office would often send out messages and want an instance reponse

I absolutely hate this  
No private time after office hours...
5 years ago
Wow...nice stories. I am considerably newer to the arena.
I had my first around 2005. It was Nokia 6610 i
It was able to take VGA pictures.
Nokia was the king of mobiles in India during those times and we used to pay for incoming calls.  
5 years ago
I saw the topic what was your first computer, so thought to ask what was your first mobile phone.

  • The model
  • The year you bought it

  • 5 years ago
    Hi Bob,
    Personally I prefer Stored procedure/function when there are multiple JDBC calls (output of one query is input to another and calculations involved)
    5 years ago
    Thank you Joseph.

    I can understand the issue when removing elements.
    But I do not see any issue when adding elements to the end of the List.
    5 years ago
    Back after a long time...

    I understand that modification of a List is dangerous while iterating over it, hence ConcurrentModificationException is thrown.
    But I do not understand what can be a possible issue if a thread adds elements to the end of the List while another thread is iterating over it.

    Can someone please put light on it?
    5 years ago

    Dwayne Barsotta wrote:...Why would an organization also use such a large stay off back office languages to provide one site?

    To the user it may seem as a single site, but inside there may be thousand of modules.
    If a module is already developed and working well in some language, it is beneficial to integrate that (of course after analysis) instead of creating that module from scratch in another language.
    7 years ago
    Started learning Java in an institute after I did my Mechanical Engineering.
    Doing Java programming since 2010.
    7 years ago
    Welcome to the ranch
    Can you post the exact output after running the command "javac FileName.java"
    7 years ago
    Welcome to the ranch
    Post here what you have got so far.
    7 years ago
    Have you checked Apache POI?
    You can read/write excel using Apache POI.
    7 years ago
    From the information provided, it looks like you did not added the JAR into the classpath which contains the class org.glassfish.jersey.FeaturesAndPropertiesies.
    Some class in your code is importing a class (say XYZ.java) in xxxxx.jar that you have added.
    And XYZ.java is trying to import another class org.glassfish.jersey.FeaturesAndPropertiesies which you did not add in the classpath.
    You have to find the JAR containing org.glassfish.jersey.FeaturesAndPropertiesies and add it.

    Are you using maven to build your project. Maven ensures all the dependencies are added to classpath.
    Provide the full compilation error which you are getting.
    If you are using any IDE, try cleaning the project and rebuilding. Sometimes this kind of error occurs in Eclipse.
    7 years ago
    Which JAR are you using?
    A quick search of Apache POI shows there is a method to set the text color.
    7 years ago
    That is the feature of RequestDispatcher.
    By calling forward() method, you actually are telling the server to display the output using the JSP.
    You are not telling the server to send new HTTP request to the JSP.

    You need to learn more about RequestDispatcher.forward() and response.sendRedirect() methods.
    7 years ago