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thanks for the reply Gregg.. but i have a JSP file and i tried defining onload in many places..
and put an alert in the function so that i know if it can read an onload or not..but i guess not
instead of correcting all my post if you could have put some effort trying to figure out a solution
it would have been better for me and many more people who read this..
I dont think theres anything wrong in my question
Thank you for reminding about the issue..I will take care of that
basically what i am trying to say is where should i put the onLoad() in the jsp page..
and i was thinking that the definition of the function called by onLoad should be as follows

Thanks for the reply..yes it does work for firefox but not for IE or Chrome...
i already have this javascript function which is being called in the definition of checkbox in the jsp page(onclick)..

I also tried the onload but didnt work for me
I have a Jsp page which accepts name, email, address etc and i have a checkbox at the end which says i accept--and theres a link to terms and conditions..
also i have programmed in such a way that the submit button gets enabled only if i check the checkbox(using javascript) is disabled otherwise..
the problem is when i check the checkbox and click on terms and conditions and then if i go back to the jsp page(by hitting back) the check box is still checked in the jsp page and the submit button is disabled..i have to uncheck and check the checkbox again to get the submit button working..
is there any way i can resolve this