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Recent posts by Laiq Ahmed

Where can I find the header/logo?

Please guide
Dear coders,
I wish to know how may I present my certification on my resume/CV. I am assuming that all passed ppl will get a LOGO to put on their resume.

Kindly guide.

Hi everyone,

I understand that package names should be in lower case and should be reverse of the domain name (e.g.*). What if I don't have a domain name? How to name packages then?

thanks for your help.

Greetings everyone,

I am about to start my preparations for SCJD. Kindly guide me through it.
Which book should I refer to?

I studied Kathy Sierra's Java 5 EBook for SCJP.

Will appreciate if you guys can tell what to do just a couple of days before the exam.

dream score

12 years ago

Two questions:

Does each question carry eq marks?
Will there be a counter telling how much time is left?

Hi guys,

Whats the use of static classes?

Please comment on my following understanding:

In context of threading, I am confused about join() and wait-notify mechanism. I believe both are used to halt one thread (say ThreadA)
so the other thread (say ThreadB)can finish the job. Assume ThreadB is a pre condition for ThreadA. In this case we may use threadBObj.join();
from threadAObj executing code or we may use wait/notify mechanism. wait/notify requires synchronization blocks so I would say that might
complicate things.
Thanks guys. I thought I could kill a thread by calling interrupt() on it.
Thanks for making this clear.


I have a question regarding destroying a thread. I know destroy() method is not implemented and want to know how this can be done. Consider
the following case.


running i = 0
timed out - I cannot wait further
running i = 1
running i = 2
running i = 3
running i = 4
running i = 5
running i = 6
running i = 7
running i = 8

I want to gracefully kill the t thread then join operation times out.

thanks for your help.

Thanks everyone for your input on this.
I missed the point earlier ... thanks again.
I still dont know how extended for loop works for arrays since they dont implement iterable.

Ankit Garg wrote:You can iterate over arrays or anything that implements java.lang.Iterable...

I agree with your comment. But we can use extended for loop on arrays also. Do they also implement Iterable?
I have a question regarding enhanced for loop in Java 5 and above. To use the it on an object, what is the requirement for that object?

should be an Array, should implement Collection interface, should implement Iterator or should implement Iterable ??

I have been using it on arrays only.