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Recent posts by Ganesh Shirsat


1. Create a one user table

This table is User master

2. Create one Role table

This is Role master

3. create one mapping table user and role.

This is User and role mapping

4. Create one RoleAccess Table

This table contains the details of menu option as per role.

Ganesh Shirsat
9 years ago
Thanks for your reply.

I have tried this library.
This library is allowed to read /write file using file handling way not SQL way
I want to access DBF file using SQL query way.

Ganesh Shirsat
Hi All,

I am currently working on Clipper to JAVA migration project.

Clipper language use DBF/Advantage Database server as a database.

Please guide me how to access DBF file using JDBC .

If it is possible please provide example also.

Ganesh Shirsat

Hi Mayur,

1. check how many parameter are exist.
2. According to parameter create different criterion object and add in DetachedCriteria.

You can use DetachedCriteria.

Step 1

Ste 2

Thanks for reply.
I want to find out OCR tool that support multiple language also.

Thanks in advance

11 years ago
There is some way to do this
1. Using Query parameter

Then you can read that parameter with

on the second page.

2. Using Hidden variable

3. Using Session object

These values will now be available from any jsp as long as your session is still active.

11 years ago
any one please suggest me a best java OCR reader.
If it is possible please give me a some example.

Ganesh Shirsat
11 years ago
Hi All,
I want to add the url of one website as parameter of another web site.

http://localhost:8080/parser/parser?url=""&other parameters

For example


It will give me a error

HTTP Status 405 - Method Not Allowed
Status report
message = Method Not Allowed
description = The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource (Method Not Allowed).

12 years ago

12 years ago

you can execute the program first time and on the basis of first execution decide if function is throws exception or not.
if it is throw exception then make a isValidUInput flag to false and program re run till the input is valid.

12 years ago

will you please share the idea.. how will you able to use Hibernate in distributed environment?

Ganesh Shirsat
there is lot of library available as open source in JAVA.

2. Java Excel library

I think Apache POI is good open source library. It will cover all feature of Excel.
13 years ago

have you tried this url using Connection object.

is it working fine.


according to jtds there is no selectMethod property.

selectMethod property are used in MS Jdbc

please check that, is it working properly using Connection Object or not?.

Are you load a data in Object form or using HQL query.?

please check that hibernate fire the query for your data?

13 years ago
What you described should work.

Division and Employee Table
is there is one to many relationship in Division mapping file and many to one in Employee mapping file?

have you add the "inverse" attribute in one to many element.

if yes then your approach should.

will you please put the mapping file of both class.?