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Recent posts by Henriette Rothacker

In the PageViewCountData is data produced separately. The produceDataset method returns a XYSeriesCollection();
The chart is displayed the right way with this data.
I copied the buttons from the example ( zoom by number) . I can zoom on the y-axis, and the zoom factor is working, but I cannot zoom on the x-axis.

Do you mean putting a label on a particular (X,Y) position

yes, that's what I want to do.
thanks for your help

<jsp:useBean id="visualEnhancer" class="de.laures.cewolf.cpp.VisualEnhancer"/>
<jsp:useBean id="labelRotation" class="de.laures.cewolf.cpp.RotatedAxisLabels"/>
<jsp:useBean id="showLine" class="de.laures.cewolf.cpp.LineRendererProcessor"/>
<jsp:useBean id="zoom" class="de.laures.cewolf.cpp.ZoomBothAxis"/>
<jsp:useBean id="pageViews" class="PageViewCountData"/>
<jsp:useBean id="pparams" class="plotParams"/>
<jsp:setProperty name="zoom" property="*"/>
<cewolf:chart id="line" title="Spectral data" type="xy" xaxislabel="wavenumber" legendanchor="south" showlegend="true" yaxislabel="Absorbance" background="#FF0000">
<cewolf:producer id="pageViews"/>
<cewolf:chartpostprocessor id="visualEnhancer">
<cewolf:param name="border" value='false'/>
<cewolf:param name="rangeIncludesZero" value='false'/>
<cewolf:chartpostprocessor id="zoom">
<cewolf:param name="lowerRangeVal" value='${zoom.lowerRangeVal}'/>
<cewolf:param name="upperRangeVal" value='${zoom.upperRangeVal}'/>
<cewolf:param name="lowerDomainValN" value='${zoom.lowerDomainValN}'/>
<cewolf:param name="upperDomainValN" value='${zoom.upperDomainValN}'/>
<cewolf:param name="zoomFactor" value='${zoom.zoomFactor}'/>
<cewolf:param name="anchorValueD" value='${zoom.anchorValueD}'/>
<cewolf:param name="anchorValueR" value='${zoom.anchorValueR}'/>
Hi all,

I'm successfully using the cewolf (version 1.1 by ulf dittmer) tag library to display charts. Unfortunately, there are some problems with the zooming on the x-axis.
As in the example app I want to set the x-axis domain and I'm using the lowerDomainValN and upperDomainValN properties in the zoombothaxis class but I get an exception:

Exception Details: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException raised by post processor 'de.laures.cewolf.cpp.ZoomBothAxis@1b5a5dd'. Post processing of this post processor has been ignored.

Possible Source of Error:
Class Name: de.laures.cewolf.taglib.tags.ChartMapTag
File Name: ChartMapTag.java
Method Name: doStartTag
Line Number: 146

Perhaps, it's because I have high values between 1400 and 1900 on this axis?

Another issue is , that I want to display peaks in the chart. It would be nice the user could mark peaks himself, I did a little bit of googling but I found nothing to manage this.

Thanks for any help