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Recent posts by Mahesh Chitale

Wow what a score !!!
11 years ago
Well this is because polymorphism and in polymorphism only the methods called depends on the object at runtime whereas the variables are dependent on the reference variables
What a jamavada(group) of phekus(braggers).
11 years ago
Well all answers to your queries are on this website Website
this an antivirus comparison website It Compares them on various factors like speed ,detections etc.
BTW I am using NOD 32 pretty good detection and very Fast.
11 years ago
Well I think you will get a voucher for around 5500-6000 rs from any niit centre and as for whizlabs they were offering it for 5600 rs about two weeks ago .
hope this helps
Also if have heard that SAI provides cheaper vouchers but i dont know exactly the amount
yes you are right the output will always have the yes at last
but theres no way to determine which of hello or 1234 will come first.
hey congrats for a perfect score
11 years ago
This may help you..
it is basically an errata.
Can somebody tell me about the next level certifications with brief intro on them.
I know a few like SCBCD,SCJD,SCMAD.
But I am really confused on selecting any one of these. So guys please help me out here.
Hey congrats 94 is a real good score
11 years ago