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Recent posts by Rendi Artha

Hi Ivan,
Thanks for sharing ebook, i dont know yet about Mule , since previously I've done using J2EE.
My basic questions :
a. How to be compare with Jersey, is it already integrated in Mule ?
b. How to integrated with Spring by using its own spring's messaging.

11 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:The widget expects a certain construct. You cant just go changing that structure. Why do you feel a need to change the property names? Youcan set the data to whatever you want.

on purpose flexible handling JSON data from server. Every response from server is different format, thats way as starter I try change property names.o
I dont know about widget,if you mean the widget is

as stated in .data() , .append() I already make arrangement. Is it correct way Bear?

Bear Bibeault wrote:

satriana visi wrote:I realize that label and description is mandatory so that i cant change with my own schema data.

Why not?

Previously in demo :

and I change to

of course i also make arrangement such this

fortunately if won't work as demo. Any missing Bear?

PS : somehow i make double post.please for delete new post.thanks
Hi everyone,
basically I'm new in Jquery, so need advice from all expert here.
I just come to and try to change data.

I realize that label and description is mandatory so that i cant change with my own schema data.
Any tips or suggestion to make it working?

Thanks in advance
well the only things is, this is not servlet case. but how to decorating your correct template into your pages.
You can defines what mappers SiteMesh is going to apply while finding decorators for a particular page by editing WEB-INF/sitemesh.xml.
Mostly i attach "com.opensymphony.module.sitemesh.mapper.PageDecoratorMapper" into decorator-mapper so that i can see each template applied into my page by switching it using decorator&confirm parameter. Such as like this :


My web.xml using FORWARD only since I use frontController such as SpringMVC or Struts/Webwork action.


13 years ago

rendy arta wrote:noone reply...ok maybe leader please "Nathan Pruett" or "Mark Spritzler" .

Here my scenario :
- 2 entity : Transaksi dan TransDetail
- Framework : Spring + Hibernate + OSIV Filter

Here is the mapping hbm.xml




OSIV Filter
-setting : session.setFlushMode(flushMode.AUTO);

Transaction mapping

Executable program at least like this :

any suggestion ? maybe " David Newton "... or else javaranch members
14 years ago
noone reply...ok maybe leader please "Nathan Pruett" or "Mark Spritzler" .
14 years ago
still need advice please. ...anythings, is there any difficulties to dechiper my message, please provide me some question .

Rendi Arta
14 years ago
I have a 'interesting' problem, hopefully someone in javaranch could be switch my light ON.

Here the problem :
- I have two entities with a many-to-many association, the join table isn’t being populated when an association is made.
How can the join table is not updated after saving the entities with many-to-many associations between them?

some solution on net as describe in SOLUTION , shorted that we need to call session.flush() before commit the session between them.

My question, is it posible since I already define OSIV Listener and set session.setFlushMode(flushMode.AUTO).Is there any way to do manually flushing session on DAO? since I use HibernateDaoSupport.

Need advice from all of you.
Thank you.
14 years ago
just define many to one relationship into Phase.hbm.xml

Martijn Verburg wrote:What technology are you using?

i use iReport 3.5 and already solve.

Thanks javaranch..
is there any ways how to do nested report?I could preview report which containing more than 1 subreport (1st level subreport).
But how to configure subreport on 2nd level? which means there are subreport on another subreport (nested subreport).

Any suggestion would be avaluable.

Best Regards,
Rendi A
for use jasper and its integration to another frameworks, i read book " Jasperreport for developer".
Its really good books since i can make money from it.

14 years ago
make sure to include commons-collection jar files.

For your own convenience, I suggest use sitemesh. I move to sitemesh and won't look back again
14 years ago
This announcements make my heart stop for a while and great thanks for Craig & JavaRanch.
Many thanks.

14 years ago