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Please tell me the way or any sites to volunteer for Java Based open source projects.

Any Links?
8 years ago
thank you for your reply...

but let me clarify what i am trying to say:

Since String is a class therefore In this String s1="Hello"
s1 contains reference to the object.

Now if i pass s1 to a function for e.g

func1(s1) //calling func1

void func1(String xyz)

then xyz gets copy of whatever s1 contains.
and s1 contains reference to the object having "Hello"

then if i make changes in the object through xyz then it must reflect in the original object when accessed from s1.
But it is not showing up that....
8 years ago

s1= AA s2 = BB

if everything in java is pass by value and when i passed s1 as argument then the reference of s1 gets copied as s1 stores the reference of string.
As i am doing s1=s1+" "+s1 then it should have changed the original string but it is not....

8 years ago
thanks...............its now working....
9 years ago
JButton is added into JPanel
Want to know the name of the object of JPanel when this button is clicked?

For e.g.

I have made a JPanel in which there is one JButton.Now I added two objects of this JPanel into JFrame.
is it possible to know the name of JPanel object when Jbutton in that panel is clicked?
9 years ago
I dont know where to post this question but seriously i need a strong and motivating answer.

My organisation has alloted me on .NET but i wanted JAVA.

Is that possible to shift to JAVA after 2 years?

Do organisations really want a programmer or a person proficient in one or other language?

What about my salary will it get lessened after 2 years when i will change my profile?

In India scenario is different. When one gets trained on one technology its really tough to switch.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

9 years ago
Want to know about system integration...........please reply

can i take this as a carrer option?
9 years ago
Thanks for the reply.

I guess Analogies are the good way to learn the concepts.

I have not read that book Head First Design Pattern but i want to and hoping to read it soon....

I love Head First Books....but this time i want to read books that have the style like Bruce Eckel Thinking in C++
DMD - dynamic method dispatch
I want to know the name of the OO book that can help me in relating the concepts to the real life?

For e.g concept of overriding can be easily related with the real life.

When i tried to make the concept of DMD in Java relating it to real life i could not.

Suggest me the book for OO relating it to real life...

i have the OO book written by Jim Keogh
I want to know what is SAP programming?
and what these private institutes teach in SAP courses?

whether they teach us how to implement SAP or what??

If i study ABAP is it enough??
9 years ago
cant i use simple input sream to upload file...?
9 years ago
purpose of the file is to authenticate the user on the basis of some information in the file.
I have searched JSP FAQ but the link provided :

On the client

If you want to upload files in conjunction with Commons HttpClient, this introductory article tells how to use FileUpload in conjunction with the Commons HttpClient package.

is not working.............
9 years ago
Thanks for suggestion..............

But as Bear has said

do you really want to upload a file into the web app? Really? What happens when you have to redeploy and update?

where should i upload the file then...?
One more thing i want to ask --- Is there any easy code that i can understand and works accordingly for uploading file?
i dont know actually how to upload file....
please help and give some code snippet for uploading a file....
9 years ago