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Recent posts by Jignesh Patel

Michał Płachta wrote:
In short, you invert the control by passing a function to a function.

Interesting thinking!!! Another good reason to purchase the book. As this concept requires a bit of study with the clear head.
1 month ago
How we can experience inversion of control in context of functional programming?
1 month ago
The book references SPARQL query language.That is a new term to me? What is that? How it is useful in functional programming
1 month ago
I am coming from Java background, so I find the following topic very interesting:

"Designing with functions and types instead of objects"

can you elaborate more that what is being covered for this.
1 month ago
so the book is not depend on specific language.
1 month ago
I am hoping there must be a nice explanation about how to avoid concurrentmodificationexception?
4 months ago
This is an interesting discussion. If there is a plan to write a book on spring, how about quarkus? Will you guys wait for few years to see if quarkus adopted to main stream. I know recently Netflix started using quarkus.
4 months ago
I just glanced the initial content, one of the interesting thing to learn that compiler only makes a no argument constructor if no constructor(with or without argument) is supplied.
4 months ago
I would appreciate if authors can provide more insights on what is covered in following chapter?
Chapter 9. Life and Death of an Object: Constructors and Garbage Collection
4 months ago
Which is better managed hadoop/hbase service for the open sourced hadoop/hbase setup.
How about EMR?
5 months ago
We are on the version 0.98.7 of hbase and we are trying to use hbase-client 2.3.3 and it crashes hregion servers. Since we are upgrading from JDK 8 to JDK 17 we can't use our old library of hbase-client -0.98.7.

We are trying to use the filters.

Any guidance on this challenge is highly appreciated.
5 months ago
I am recently trying to execute a project in Spring boot, however I am coming from Redhat  type of background, using wildfly from long time.
How hard for me to learn Spring using the book?
I am very well aware of concept like SOLID, dependency inversion and Spring uses constructor and method dependency injection.
How Spring dependency is different than CDI?  I am really interested about what is covered in the chapter: The Spring context: Using abstractions
7 months ago
Is there a sample flow which can describe of being called from GUI to API Gateway to different micro services?
I also believe this will not create any type of licensing issues?
Also in terms of using AWS gateway: https://quarkus.io/guides/amazon-lambda-http which is better solution, in terms of managing lesser servers.
My team is starting to create Microservices with quarkus I am thinking to use the gateway API you provided to begin with. The request from our monolith GUI will be sent to the gateway you provided and then will hit our customer microservice.