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Recent posts by Piotr Kowalsky

sushant mannari wrote:I admire your patience

I try really hard

Mayank shah wrote:i am already a member of SAI
can i now purchase the student discounted SCJP Voucher ?
and is there a voucher expiration date also....
i.e if i buy the voucher in the comming week then i can give the exam in june?

Have you read all the answers above? There is whole information you need.

Answers: Yes, you can but hurry up. 1 year. Yes, you can.

sushant mannari wrote:thanks Ali for your response but i could't get you can you be bit clear?
after march it'l be $40 only?

No. After March, it'll be 40% cheaper than the real price (than 300$) not 40$.

sushant mannari wrote:please tel me as to how i can get the vouchers at discounted rates
i hav sent a mail to sun at saivouchers@sun.com and awaiting a response from them

1. You get "SAI-Program ID" (they give it to you if you tell them where you study).
2. You place an order here http://saic.educationservicesgroup.com/
3. You pay.
4. You send them documentation (look: http://saic.educationservicesgroup.com/ )
5. You follow their instructions.
I don't have any information, except that on their website:

-As of January 27th 2010, we are no longer accepting registrations for new SAI members.
-Institutions are invited to join the Oracle Academy, which will expand to include Sun products in the next few months. Please check back for details.
-Students are invited to participate in the Oracle Academy through a member institution. (At present, the Oracle Academy does not accept registrations from individual students.)

I bought a voucher on the 8th of February, they sent me the voucher 4 days ago and "Voucher Expiration Date" is "April 1, 2011", so it's one year.
Today I received the voucher - 3 weeks and 2 days later. Long time, but they apologized for the dalay.
Arter purchasing, I have sent them documentation on 8'th of February and the only answer I've got was:

Thank you for your Sun Academic Initiative exam voucher order.

We are currently experiencing high order volume and staffing shortages,
which has affected our order processing time. Orders are being processed in
the order received. If you have submitted your order, completed payment,
and provided us with the requested documentation, you will receive your exam
voucher as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your patience.

Best regards,

on the same day. So I wait...
I see now. I didn't see "}" and thought it (this();) was inside this constructor:

but it wasn't. I was outside:

Now everything's clear. What a silly mistake!

Thank you!
This type of question:
"Using the fragment below, complete the following code so it compiles" means to fill the gaps with any code that compiles or the smallest bunch of code that compiles?
(question taken from SCJP K&S 5, page 160)

I ask because the answer is different than I thought.

They fill it with:


and I did it with:


which (I think) also compiles (but line "this();" isn't necessary).

saima kanwal wrote:and variables that are implicitly public abstract and final,

Of course, you mean public static and final.
Good luck, guys!

Prithvi Sehgal wrote:Lets make our preparation rocking and crack SCJP.

Well spoken.
On my university I had subject called "event-driven programming"/"event-based programming". There was 1-semester Java lecture, but it wasn't perfect. My only coding experience (apart from coding to prepare to SCJP) is making a little game on mobile phone then. One year ago I started to learn to SCJP, but haven't done much (I didn't have time). So I'm going to study it comprehesively for the month.

I plan to pass the SCJP 6.0, and then immediately start looking for job. I think that SCJP would be something more than majority of other students have. I don't plan to be guru of Java within one month. I'm going to learn much more in job that I will find.
My plan is a little bit different:
- 13-16 days for whole "Thinking in Java"
- 5-10 days for SCJP K & S (5.0)
- 1 day for differences between 5.0 and 6.0
- 3 days for mock tests

Whole preparation:23-30 days (but i'm ready for some delays).

I don't know if it's ok, but we'll see

inderpal singh alagh wrote:what'll be the progran id for me to register?? and then after buying coupon how to schedule it....

Send them an amail with your country and school/university and ask them of your program id. They will answer. I don't know yet how to schedule it.
When I write my code, Eclipse immediately underlines it in red colour and tells me that it is wrong, even if I haven't finished the line. Is there a way to delay it or change the time it waits to underline errors?

Deepak Bala wrote:

Nagendrakumar Mavuri wrote:SAI is only for students?

Yes. The reason it would be called an academic initiative

I think it's not entirely truth, but I may be wrong. You may be:

"student, faculty, or staff of an authorized SAI Institution"