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Thank you for your quick response. Here is the log:

  • As it is an Axis Fault, can I catch this exception, overriding the axisServletListner?

  • Can I catch this exception using any handler written in the transport phase?

  • 10 years ago
    I am using Axis 2 web service vastly. We have our own validator to validate the input request xml and response back to the user with proper response xml. In case of validation failure the user get the user friendly message in SOAP output.

    But we tried to post one empty XML to the web service link. We have received the following error in the response.

    We want to make it a proper user friendly response. But the problem is, the error is responded back before it's hitting MessageReceiver class. I believe it's getting the error in transport phase of SOAP message.

  • What I should override to catch this exception ?
  • How to change it to the user friendly error message ?

  • Please help me to find out the solution.
    10 years ago
    I like to execute a external exe file from my java code.I like to provide some input data like username ,password to that running subProcess.Here is my code:

    the exe file is running.But it's not able to fetch the input data correctly.
    Please help me out.