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Hi Raju
You are right, a fee hike is definitely expected.
I was giving the SCJP in Delhi on the 25th and I saw many people being told that no new bookings for the SCJP were being entertained for the next 15 days, since a fee hike was expected.
A slight ray of hope is that they were not totally sure about this. Infact they expected clarification from the head office, which is why they were not accepting any bookings for another two weeks.
On 25th Sep I passed the SCJP exam scoring 98%. I cannot imagine which solitary question (in declarations and access control ) went wrong.
Frankly after giving the Beta exam, reading the JLS, Core Java, and doing the standard Certification books and mock exams, the SCJP proved to be a very very damp squib.
Let me also express my gratitude to the Java Ranch for the fantastic sight. This is one good thing in life which actually does comes free. I might also add that the discussion on these forums are often qualitatively superior that what is required for the SCJP !! In other words if you want to really learn Java, and enjoy it, then this is the site.
I definitely feel that the SCJP exam should widen its coverage to test on the net packages and should qualitatively deepen its coverage of Collections, Threads, IO.
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According to you, one has to pay around Rs 13,500/- By D.D for the SCJD.
But is it not possible for me to pay separately for the assignment and the exam?
This facility is available to countries other than India
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Hello Devender,
Could you tell me ,did you have a DEGREE in computers? I for one, have a degree in a computer-unrelated subject.
Also, how did you go around your job search?
Do forward some tips, YOUR STRATEGY seems devastatingly successful.
Another thing is which country did you get a job in? India? (Your name seems to indicate you are a Indian).
Isnt it more difficult to land a job in India without experience, than many other countries?

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21 years ago
I was trying to get into
I was unable to.
I continuously get the error "password incorrect"
Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong?

Originally posted by MANISH DALAL:
Log on to the site .
U will have many options.U can choose the right book according to your understading level.

I went on the site and whenever I try to register, I get the message "password incorrect".
Can somebody tell me what am I doing wrong?
Could anyone clarify, whether, the SCJD objectives include:-
Would the recent revision in the objectives make any difference?

Originally posted by Deepak M:
hi Guys,
So I finally made it after 3 months of JLS, and JavaRanch.
And NO mock tests !
That's right, the only test I took was the Beta exam (which was more than just a mock test) last week.
Guys, one word of advice for u ... Read the Java Language Specs - esp the chapter on Classes, Interfaces, Arrays and Expressions.
If u can't find it on the Net, I'll mail it to u personally.
For I/O - I referred to the API and stuck the objectives.
For AWT - Core Java gives a good explanation, RHE is good for event handling.
For Threads, refer to - nothing beats it !
I agree it wouldn't be fair to cheat, but who's gonna tell u how to deal with qts with s.append() ?
I wonder where I went wrong... I think its just not possible to score 100% even if u get all qts right. Its probably programmed that way.
After all, noone's perfect, and Sun very well believes in it !
My next goal - SCJD and an XML certification !
All the best to all of u out there.....
I'd love to be of help to anyone who plans to take the real exam after October as well.
From the beta exam, its pretty obvoius the new exam is more difficult than the existing one !
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Hi deepak
I am also not waiting for the beta results. I will give the SCJP around two weeks from now.
Could you tell me who wrote "CoreJava Volume 2"?
Also, what is the XML CERTIFICATION?
Lots of luck for SCJD
Hi guys
This is really a great site
But, why does it take so long to load?
I mean all the greatest western gunmen could load and shoot in less than one second.
Atleast that is what Louis l`amour says.
21 years ago
Hello sanjay
You are slightly late.
The BETA was a free version of the SCJP EXAM available uptil the 23rd of August.
You missed it, but the normal SCJP is available.
Hello sanjay
You are slightly late.
The BETA was a free version of the SCJP EXAM available uptil the 23rd of August.
You missed it, but the normal SCJP is available.
It seems from the job advertisement, that it is easier to get a visa to Germany as a software programmer.
They dont seem to be demanding any previous experience or even any educational qualification.
Could you tell me, which countries other than the US, CANADA And GERMANY, are promising for software programmers
21 years ago
Thanks Satya
By the way, you must have heard that Germany is offering special work visas to IT professionals
Does anyone know what are the eligibility requirements for the German visa?

21 years ago
hi guys
I am not sure, whether this is the right forum
But could any of you out there give some information (or links)about types about visas to the USA and their requirements?
Does a computer programmer (SCJP)have no hope to migrate to the US on a work visa, if he doesn`t hold a bachelor`s degree in a computer related subject?
21 years ago