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Recent posts by him jain

My requirement is development of a chat engine - including server, clients etc. Currently I am working on things at my desktop only but once done, I have to host it; basically incorporate it with in a site for chatting purpose. So, now my problem is:

I am not clear about how the actual data flow is? I have googled and read about xmpp (a book by Peter Andre) also but I am not clear about the flow and what are the actual requirementsto do the above mentioned task. What I currently know is:

1) I need a server - so selected ejabberd

2) I need client - still not sure which one to use and one other doubt is how this client thing will work when deployed on some website for chatting purpose.

3) Some library - dont know which one and what is the purpose?
12 years ago
This is what exactly I found :

I came to know that it can be done using xmpp. But do I need to follow some book or is there any other way to get a better grip on to the topic that can help me design a chat engine.
12 years ago
I want to build a chat engine using xmpp. It'll be a great help if someone could help me where to start with or guide me? or get me some study material?

12 years ago
This can be done using "RecordStore"
You can use this for reference :

The data will be stored in mobile internal memory and will not be visible to you.
But you can retrieve that data.
13 years ago
The storage thing works for the emulator also in netbeans.
It runs the application same as on your mobile device.
13 years ago

I am using jpcap to capture packets on network.
When I send a simple text using a server-client model then it's working fine.
But as I write an ISO message, it appends a black diamond character on the starting of message.
Can anyone suggest me reason for that? and how should I get rid of that character?
Waiting for a quick reply.

When we see the interface of our mobile, it shows our location. I want to know where that information is stored or buffered in mobile.
Like i am in IIT and my mobile has airtel connection. So, it'll catch the signal from nearest tower and display the name of location on my mobile.
I want to retrieve that location. How to do it?
Any information would be welcome.
Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
Check what config and profile you have selected?
Make it :
MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1
then try to deploy the app and tell if that made any diff.
14 years ago
Captured length is the length of your received packet and
packet length is the length of packet specified by you means how much bytes at maximum you want to capture.
The only problem, as per me, seems to be that your PC is not able to locate Mysql.
So, while doing connectivity means JDBC, you need to specify the IP of the computer where your mysql is located.
If that's fine, then there is problem in configuration and settings that you need to do in windows, like setting up System DSN and username and password of mysql at that particular PC.
These are the general mistakes.
If still there's any problem, better post your code.
I can only let you know what's happening here:
Your request is not able to go outside your PC.
So, it keeps on pinging inside only.
What I can suggest is:
1) Make sure you have connected to correct interface (means to the interface from which packet is going outside).
So, check out for the interfaces first and connect to the correct interface.
2) in your code I am not able to find the server you're pinging/sending packet to (like google, yahoo etc).

See, your program is working. So, there's only a small alteration need to be done. So, carefully analyze each step. You'll get to know.

I think you should brush up your networking knowledge because it's upto you what type of packets you want to capture.
You can find here, what type of packets you can capture.
Like for internet, you want to capture all the http packets, then you know that all request goes through port 80.
So, connect to that interface and filter packets on port 80.
You can use this for help : http://jainhim.blogspot.com/2010/05/filter-packets-through-jpcap.html

And if you want to capture all the traffic of internet coming and going through your PC then,
connect to the interface that is associated with your internet, e.g., eth0.

Hope this helped
have you run the program as an administrator?
I would like you to check this :http://netresearch.ics.uci.edu/kfujii/jpcap/doc/faq.html

Can you tell me what output are you getting in ubuntu?

What your output is showing is: that request is not going out of localhost.
how can I get the mac address or any other hardware related information of the phone?
Any information will help..
14 years ago
I want to make a, say, a StringItem that can take input as we write into it.
Also, I want to show the previously entered entries into it displaying as a list or drop down menu.
Hope it's clear now..
Waiting 4 a reply.
14 years ago