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Recent posts by Jerry Wa

Johnny Qin wrote:why certification after certification ...

Just passed the SCJP 6 and am looking for suggestions on what I should take next...

I currently do no front-end or web-component based development. My job does have me working on some web services, EJBs, weblogic/spring framework environment but nothing too intensive or fancy.

So these are the ones I'm evaluating:

SCJD - I view this as the default logical next step up from SCJP... seems challenging.

SCDJWS - My job currently utilizes web services technology, so this is a logical choice

SCWCD - I'm considering this only because it's one of my weaker areas in Java, but at the same time I have no use for it at the moment at my current job. It would be really nice, however, to put on my resume. But if I stay at my job for a long time, I might forget this stuff quite easily as I have the worst memory out of everyone in this forum.

SCBCD - My job uses these... barely. This one seems the easiest. How much is there really to EJBs? Rhetorical question.

1) Any ideas on above?

2) Also, I want to take a bit of a study break, so if i take a 6 month break and forget all the little annoying Java nuances from the SCJP 6 exam, will it affect my efficiency in studying for the above advanced certifications?

I was getting anywhere between 40-60% on mock exams, but i wasn't focusing too hard and rushing through them. The exam turned out to be very easy for me. About 2/3rds way through, i was starting to question if I was taking the right exam.

i probably spent like 40% of my studying time on generics because the wildcard references are mind boggling for me. it turns out i only got like 1 or 2 questions at most that tested me on these, and they were the easiest types of questions, such as knowing that you cannot use a "?" in a type declaration.
14 years ago