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Recent posts by Johnny Qin

Congrat! Great score
13 years ago

Ziyang Zhang wrote:When will Oracle issue the formal version for SCWCD on JEE6? I am preparing for scwcd 310-083. I don't want to work on the old exam and work in vain...

so the beta exam is good for you.

Firstly, it's cheaper.

Secondly, it's EE6.
In the case of setting property, if you don't specify a scope, tag will only look in the page scope space.

In the case of removing property, if you don't specify a scope, tag will look in page, then request, and etc.

I just conclude these from HFSJ book, for your reference~
I would vote Head First Servlets and JSP (second edition)

Ravi Shankar Mukkavilli wrote:Try out this example. This is for Spring MVC
Spring MVC Step-By-Step
Simple Spring 3.0 Tutorial

Once you are done with this (2nd) tutorial, gong through a book will be a good idea. I suggest "Spring in Action".
All the best.


Thanks a million, Ravi!
[line removed by moderator: Check your private message Johhny Qin]
14 years ago

Christophe Verré wrote:The Third edition of Spring In Action is planned to be out in Fall.

Thanks. Is this book good for beginner who has no idea about java framework?
14 years ago
I am also very beginner of spring. For basic java knowledge, i read SCJP study guide and core java. For java web, I used Head First Servlet and JSP. For spring framework, I am looking for a highly recommended book ....

To self learners, a good book really helps a lot. I googled, but couldn't get what i need.

Any suggestions are very very welcomed!
14 years ago
I placed the order on Mar 3rd, but don't have any email notification including order confirmation ...

To missaw:
I don't think they need to send you a paper version of the voucher, cause voucher actually is just a code. Wasting time in delivery of paper mail is not what we expect.

Shailesh Phatak wrote:

Johnny Qin wrote:

I paid a week ago but still no response. I am afraid it is a fake site.

Does anybody here have experience with this SAI program?

Hi Johny
I bought one voucher from this site. Because of large number of application and less manforce it takes time for them to send the voucher quickly. Dont worry you will get your voucher if your details are correct. It takes approx 10 days. Ypu can contact them to their Email Id.

Thank you! I was informed by that it would take them up to 2 weeks because of recent extremely high order volumn.

I paid a week ago but still no response. I am afraid it is a fake site.

Does anybody here have experience with this SAI program?

Rafi Fareen wrote:

Deepak Bala wrote:Yes

Thanks bro for the answer, i was waiting for it.

suggest you to go through K&B's study guide book, that'll help

Piotr Kowalsky wrote:My plan is a little bit different:
- 13-16 days for whole "Thinking in Java"
- 5-10 days for SCJP K & S (5.0)
- 1 day for differences between 5.0 and 6.0
- 3 days for mock tests

Whole preparation:23-30 days (but i'm ready for some delays).

I don't know if it's ok, but we'll see

Similar schedule with me~ Good luck