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Srinivas Kothuri

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Recent posts by Srinivas Kothuri

As Rod Johnson mentioned in his book "Expert One-on-One_ J2EE Development without EJB", the use of full blown Application Server is still recommended when we need JTA capabilities. However, I came across opensource JTA providers such as Atomikos, Bitronix etc, which I have been able to integrate with my Spring application which runs ActiveMQ(JMS) and JDBC calls atomically.

Can somebody suggest me what kind of testing is required to certify this combination? Are there any proven (opensource) solutions available for a quick reference?
(Note: I cannot use Tomee as we need to use the latest version of Tomcat always)
5 years ago
We have JTA transactions(Atomikos) configured using Spring annotations across different places in our application. I need to get trace logs whenever a transaction started and completed.

For example, whenever the below method invoked within a new transaction,

I need to log a message saying

Can you please provide if there is any way to enable trace logging on transactions?
5 years ago
I'm not able to access my bean class (not an EJB) using a given JNDI name in JBoss 5.0.1, where the same is working in Tommcat 7.0.



servlet Java Client (in the same web app)

And additionally for JBoss,

I've been getting exception

Please let me know if I'm missing anything and suggest me the right way of doing it in JBoss.
Thank you Bill. The link you shared gave me more insight.
9 years ago
I'm curious to know how Hibernate's 'current_session_context_class' declaration will disable the Spring's HibernateTransactionManager?

I found that the above two can not exist together for same SessionFactory.
Kindly ley me know what is the role of Spring's HibernateTransactionManager in defining scope for Hibernate's Session context?

9 years ago
I have a requirement where there is a HTML table which is being populated dynamically by some script output. To send the values of each cell of the table, I'm constructing a URL params like string and feeding it to a hidden field on submit which I'm decoding in my servlet to construct my bean object.

Please suggest if there is some better/standard way of passing such data to java. (I don't think I can use some 3rd party JSON parser etc..)
9 years ago
How to create a WSDL for a JAXMServlet webservice whose response is a SAOP with attachments?
Please send some examples of such WSDL, if there are any.

Thank you.
10 years ago
I've been doing with java, C/C++ so long and thinking of gaining some knowledge on scripting languages.
I'm little familiar with shell scripting in Linux. In future, I may need to work on web application projects also.
Please suggest some point where I can start in those areas like one of those(php, python, ruby, perl etc . .) ?
10 years ago
I have a native application in windows that listens on a socket to which the data will be pushed from java application.
Can somebody suggest a best way to find the port number on which the native app is listening to?

Thanks in advance .. . !!

10 years ago
I'm surprised and willing to know the reason why the "start()" method is not made final in Thread class.
Please help me in understanding this.

Thank you.
10 years ago
I need to store some properties of an object before closing the application. We were writing the values into an XML file and the same is being read on restarting the application. My question is like, will be there any performance improvement if I write the object to a file using "ObjectOutputStream" etc.?
Kindly share your suggestions also the points to be considered while taking this kind of decisions.

Thanks in advance.
10 years ago
i'm writing a jni application where i prepared a DLL. In side the dll, i am able to get the value of an environment variable using getenv("MY_ENV_VAR") when i tested the DLL with another exe linked to that. But, when it is loaded with System.LoadLibrary(""), the DLL is not able to find the environment variable's value ( as getenv("MY_ENV_VAR") is returning NULL ).

please somebody get me a reason/solution . . .
Thanks in advance. . . . .
11 years ago
Hi, i too was facing the same problem but is resolved by adding the folder path (containing my dll) to PATH env. variable on windows.
but now the message for exception is changed to

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: NativeClass.nativeMethod(I)I
at NativeClass.nativeMethod(Native Method)
at NativeClass.<init>(
at NativeClassTest.main(

please notice that is containing my native method and is the class to contain my main() method.
If the dll is not properly formed, how can I find it.
how would i know that System.loadLibrary ("mydll"); is failed?

kindly give me some clues . ..
11 years ago
I'm trying to read/write a simple HTML file using "javax.xml.parsers". I get all details(nodes and attributes) when i read that file as an XML document. After modifying some tag values, I write the changes to the same file using "javax.xml.transform". But, in between <head> ... </head> tags, "<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">" is getting added which fails the parser in my next attempt.

kindly tell me how can I avoid generation of this <META> tag . . .

Thank you in advance . . . .