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Recent posts by Zach Cui

I believe for Question 2, the correct answers sequence should be
1-D, "symmetric encryption" is suitable for "bulk encryption"
2-B, "protocol" mentioned is "SSL"
3-C, "asymmetric encryption" used when "unknown parties" are involved
4-A, "digital signature" can attest to this
Hi Beloved Ranchers,

I just finished my SCEA Part 3, and waiting for my results.

But, I've been having trouble log on to Sun's certification
database at the following address:

On the contrary, try to log on to the Sun's Certification Management
site poses no problem at all.

whenever I entered my username and password and clicked login, I get
redirected from to Integral7 LP error page at
the following address:

with error messages shown below:

An error has occurred
This application has encountered an unexpected problem;
We are sorry for this inconvenience. You may want to return to the
previous page and try again.
The message is
#########The owner must be specified in the login form prior to loggin
in time:Mon Dec 07 01:00:34 CST 2009### ***Nested Exception***
com.integral7.util.FatalException: #########The owner must be
specified in the login form prior to loggin in time:Mon Dec 07
01:00:34 CST 2009### No Message Available.

I have been contacting, because I want to update my profile info, they first presume it was something wrong with my login credentials, so they reset my password, but this to no avail.
I have tried to use different computers with different systems at different places, the problem still persists. and after that, I'm not getting any reply from WHO2CONTACT anymore.
What's going on here? Did anyone experienced similar problems ? It's been several month.