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Recent posts by Dmitri Ericsson

a year ago they replied in the LinkedIn group about 6000 SCEAs worldwide
I think that there is no need to go in such detail as the actual impementation of types. I've used some fields with type meaning, by I did'nt mentioned how they are realized (enums, constants etc
I suggest not to change domain model, just to try to understand what is meant by the authors. I've done it and it is possible to solve it without changing cardinality.
I've used much simplier and straightforward solution (and passed):
JSF->Stateless Bean (dependency injcection)->JPA
The lookup is done by the server in dependency incjection, so I think there is no need for locators or business delegaetes.
It is not right to use from Stateless Bean Stateful Bean, in this case state saving does not make sense
Yes, you should know them all, but for the first part concentrate on the problem each pattern solves, the actual implementation details are not asked.
Hi, you mailed to the but the correct address is, that's why the error was received
Please write to and they will fix your problem. It will take some time, though. I had the same sync problem and it was fixed and after that I've received a cert. kit
It's simple: put all the methods from sequence diagrams + some (not many) additional fields or methods if you feel that it helps to understand how everything works
The purpose here is to show that you have done everything to guarantee the compliance to this NFR. It may be impossible but you should do all that you can.
I think the most obvious solution is to put an application to a datacenter with a backed up internet connection and sign strict SLAs about this. You cannot guarantee that during the transmission if the message somebody on it's way pulls off the wire, but you've minimized that risk
Check that in certmanager the status of the certification is "Mailed". A they say it tooks 4-6 weeks, I've received it after 4 weeks of waiting. Be patient
You have an interesting area of specialty but I think that SCEA is not for you. It's targeting on a usage of technologies and application design techniques. It has more applied approach and you have more science-analysis-research related.
From employment perspective overall it's a good achievement, but it in not related to the data mining
The first book is a good start or a summary, but it is not enough unless you have dealt with those technologies every day. Second one is for a previous version of an exam.
Currently assignment is not uploaded anymore, but sent by email and third part should be taken before the assignment is sent. So I think all should be completed within one year, but you can contact Oracle for official statement.

srikanth kakumanu wrote:

Arine Vasan wrote:Its a visual component, no interaction from user is needed. As it simply transforms an xml and renders as either image, video or pdf.

I believe that this visual transformation is done at Inventory & Management System and returns the required format object. Can any body suggest what should be the approach for this.

No, as it already said - you create XML, send to this 3D Tool and it returns media in specified format. Inventory system is for getting availability info/validating house designs only.