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Recent posts by narendra bhattacharya

@Autowired will inject the bean instance in the controller. hence removes Null Pointer Exception.
10 years ago
can anybody help me in understanding this .. ?
whats the user of multipleenv.xml and how the web server uses it.
usually it contains hostnames for different env.

can some body help me in understanding this. .?
Thanks in advance.
Thanks Prabaharan,

I think i got the answer from your reply post .
11 years ago
Hi all,

I have one application(for which i have installed separate JRE) that communicates with the help of the API given by the other application(which comes with its own JRE) to perform some task .But due to this dependance , we are forced to compile all our classes in other applications JVM (as opposite we wanted that only classes that are making use of their API should be compiled their and rest in our JVM) .

So is their any way so that we can get only those classes compiled which is required by other application's JVM , and rest in our JVM . ??
11 years ago
Hi.. all
i have planned to prepare for the scwsd ..can any body let me know what sort of books as well as web reference i have to go through in order to clear the exam..

Thanks in advance.. !!
I already have got a lot of good guidance from this java community..
Congrats Ryan..
very informative guidance for preparation...
12 years ago
Today i cleared exam with 95% , 4% more than my scjp1.6

Thanks a lot all members for guiding me.

I read "Head First " four to five times ..give attention to each and every box of information they have made to make content interesting ..just love the book. and practice mock tests to know your strengths an weakness .Again go back to HEAD FIRST and read topics ..if you want more clarification Consult HEMANT DESHMUKh it is also a very nice book..

Thanks Bryan Basham , Kathy Sierra Bert Bates for wonderful book.
Thanks Hemant Deshmukh for wonderful book.
Thanks to all java community members.

Next i have to prepare for some placements and later on again try my hands on the next level.

Best of Luck for all those who are preparing .

I want to ask :: Whats the procedure to check the progress of my certificate..??
12 years ago
It is given that classic tags can have <body-content> default vale JSP.

what about simple tag (as JSP in not a valid <body-content> value for it.)
Congrts .. ..

Actually i am preparing for SCWCD 1.5 . So i am finding myself less confident in going to 1.6 version ..
What should i do.??

Herman Pomstra wrote:EL treats undefined variables as null or zero. So "5 + 3 + a" evaluates to "5 + 3 + 0". This is > 0 so 1 is printed.


Thanks Herman

a It will print 1 because the statement is valid.
b It will print 2 because the statement is valid.
c It will throw an exception because a is undefined.
d It will throw an exception because the expression’s syntax is invalid.

and the ans is a..

can smbody help me in this..
also if i replace a by "a" it will give give ERROR..

pageContext.getAttribute("name"); or pageContext.setAttribute("name","myname") ; are the syntactically correct..??

both of them are correct

Means scope is PageContext.pageScope..
Hi evry1 ,
i have some doubts can somebody help me in this..

1.> <jsp:root> is required or not..??
2.> <jsp:attribute name="name" value="myname" /> or <jsp:attribute name="name">myname </jsp:attribute> are both correct.??
3.> pageContext.getAttribute("name"); or pageContext.setAttribute("name","myname") ; are the syntactically correct..??
Congrats Niidhi...... Which other material you suggest to prepare.......??
12 years ago