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Recent posts by Sandra Bachan

Paul Anilprem wrote:I can understand building a desktop as a learning exercise ...Laptop components are *extremely* optimized for space and, forget about the cost, I don't believe it is even possible to assemble one manually by sourcing off the shelf components. You may try but you I see little possibility for success here.

Oh wow ..... then it's better to focus on desktop building as a sort of hobby

Paul Anilprem wrote:
Regarding the cost of pre-loaded windows - as compared to the cost of hardware, the cost of OS is not really much. So even if you are paying for it, you will be saving a ton on the hardware. So, imho, it would be better to buy a laptop and throw away the preloaded OS.

That's a good point! I'll probably end put putting the preloaded OS aside and replacing with Ubuntu flavor OS.
11 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Surely your needs aren't so unique that there are no laptops on the market that will meet them?

Well, I am unable to find any reputed company that sells 64-bit laptop with high amount of RAM to run several VMs. These laptops have more features that I care to have, i.e gamers would appreciate these over-the-top features.

I'd like to build laptops (and desktops) from scratch as a hobby and learning experience. Just like writing code to do something useful, there is a pride one gets when creating something. And besides, building your own system saves you $$$.

Edit: I went on Dell's website and they insist on including WIndows OS on their laptop, hence jacking up the price. What if I want OS such as Ubuntu that I can download and install myself for free?
11 years ago
Hello everyone,

I am interested in building a custom laptop such at it has 64-bit processor, and enough RAM to run several Virtual Machines.

I am unable to find a detailed guide on building custom laptop, the closest thing is this 8-part series of YouTUBE videos (Building a Notebook,

I wish I can find a guide that is detailed as this Lifehacker one for building a desktop (

The lifehacker guide goes into detail about the parts to buy, whereas the YouTUBE one is more vague.

Plus I cannot find a place where they sell barebones laptop, i.e. laptop without CPU, Hard disk, etc, etc.

I really want to build my own custom laptop for my simple needs. Eventually, I'd like to build custom laptop for family members. Please help!!!
11 years ago
Hello Friends!

It's been a while since I've been here. I cleared the Oracle Java 6 Programmer Exam more than a year ago, now I would like to learn about Web Development.

I've heard that Head First books give really great explanation on concepts. However, this Head First Book is for J2EE 1.5

Would this book be helpful for studying for the latest Java Web Component Developer Certification, or do you recommend another book?
I am on a Windows XP box, and if she wouldn't have told me that she is placing the file on my computer, I would have never known. I didn't choose to share my C drive. As a matter of fact, sharing is off by default.

So, how do I turn off this feature of sharing files, folders, drive if I allow WebEx?
12 years ago
Today I was using WebEx with an Engineer, and she said she would drop an file onto my C drive

Even though we were sharing screens, I could not see her drop an file onto my C drive, but when I was looking at the C drive, refreshed the screen and it appeared.

I'm kinda confused as to how she was able to do this? Is this a feature of WebEx, or should certain ports be closed? Because, if she is able to put something in my computer without my knowledge, couldn't she also copy a file without my knowledge?
12 years ago

We'd love to know how you are trying to prevent 16000 children from dying of hunger-related causes. Perhaps some of us may be able to help.

This Higher Power could be some force of nature that we cannot immediately see. Hurricanes, Tornadoes are forces of nature that destroy.

What's I'm trying to express is that this Higher Power, this force, which can either be kind (creates), or sadistic (destroys), somehow got us all here on Earth.

Perhaps as a test, perhaps for another reason we cannot begin to image.

But now that we're here, we should try our best. And if we are able to help someone in need, then by all means, do so ....
12 years ago
Steve Jobs should encourage us to innovate, and think into the future about what people want, what would increase the quality of life.

We all have the potential to be Steve Jobs and better, we need to find it within ourselves, and keep working on it, or as Steve Jobs said, "stay hungry, stay foolish"
12 years ago

Nice photograph.

Witches are not involved :-D

But this Dulha Bhatti was a hero who fought against "witches", i.e. evil.

Among many things, he rescued women and children from slavery. And he got the rescued women married, and paid for their dowries (this is similar to one of the many legends of Santa Clause).
12 years ago
I think some higher power put us on Earth as a test.

To see how well we cope with situations, without hurting one another, and without losing hope.

And in the process, we can innovate, create, and learn.

Take this website for instance. We help each other with Java, and other programming languages, which stemmed from the innovation of computers and electronics.
12 years ago
I'm reading an article on Lohri

"During the day, children go from door to door singing folk songs in praise of Dulha Bhatti. These children are given sweets and savories, and occasionally, money. Turning them back empty-handed is regarded inauspicious.

The collections gathered by the children are known as Lohri and consist of til, gachchak, crystal sugar, gur (jaggery), moongphali (peanuts) and phuliya or popcorn. Lohri is then distributed at night during the festival. Till, peanuts, popcorn and other food items are also thrown into the fire."

I find it quite fascinating that that different cultures around the world celebrate the same astronomical event, i.e. Winter Solstice in different, yet similar ways.
12 years ago
It finally worked!

So the trick is to use a WIndows OS, format the USB as FAT32, then burn the Ubuntu ISO.

12 years ago
I managed to get a 16 GB USB and access to a Windows computer.

I am following directions on and have set the persistent file size the maximum possible.

Why is it taking so long?

I formatted the 16 GB USB in FAT32

It copied over the iso of Ubuntu 11.04 LTS (Long Term Support)

But for the past, almost 2 hours, the progress bar is still at one rod.

Is this normal?

I hope I'm doing this ok.......
12 years ago

Daniel Doboseru wrote:Hehe how about uploading some doodles to show off?

I just may take you up on that!
12 years ago

Fei Ng wrote:Do you whisper too while doodling?

But close....

I was deep in thought......
12 years ago