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Recent posts by Regis Ramillien

Hello all,

Got the same issue. When I add twice a file with the same name, the fileCreated method is launch twice.
For instance, my process is:
- I add a first file.
- The file is processed thru the fileCreated method then removed.
- I add a second file with the same name.
- The fileCreated method is called twice...
- Every time I add a file which name was previously used, fileCreated is called twice...

I will investigate on it and post a reply if I found the cause, but if someone already encountered this, please feel free to reply.

Best regards,
7 years ago
Ok, thanks very much for this response.

I'll implement primary keys.


I'm new to JPA.

I have a database with views.
I'd like to use JPA to easily access them.
Therefore, I assumed that JPA allowed me to have some sorts of "read-only" entities.

I used Eclipse to generate entities from my database, but on the entities generated for the views, I've got the following error:
Entity "NameOfTheEntity" has no Id or EmbeddedId
It seems normal because a view don't have primary keys.

So, my question is, how can I access my views using JPA ?

Best regards,