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Recent posts by Mahmoud Hossam

Thanks everyone

Babugouda patil wrote:Hi Mahmoud,

Congrats Have you taken Exam Lab or any other exams? If yes may i know your score in that?

No, I didn't have the time, I only used K&B's book, and solved the first two exams on the sample exams book.

I heard that ExamLab is a lot harder than the real exam, you should give it a shot if you want to ace the exam, although it's not absolutely necessary if you just want to pass.
11 years ago
I just took OCPJP today and passed with 70%!

My scores were the following

Declarations, Initialization and Scoping 80%

Flow Control 54%

API Contents 100%

Concurrency 100%

OO Concepts 60%

Collections/Generics 87%

Fundamentals 33%

I'm really happy that I passed, thank you guys so much for your help, I really appreciate it!
11 years ago
Will I be seeing questions asking about the methods of this class?

I just saw this question in a certification book :

6. What is the result of the following statements?

If you're new to Java, I suggest you start familiarizing yourself with the language first before attempting to study to SCJP.

I've been told that the exam is hard, and it's going to be a lot harder for you if you have no prior experience with the language.

Paul Anilprem wrote:This score comparison for JQ+ from Enthuware might be helpful.

It is helpful, thank you

Ankit Garg wrote:Most of the mock exams are harder than the real exam. The questions in the K&B book are definitely harder than the real exam. Only by not telling you how many options are correct makes a mock exam much harder. You should also try Examlab, if you pass it you'll get a pretty decent score in the real exam...

Thanks, Ankit

I really needed this assurance.

I wasn't doing really well on the K&B study guide's questions, and I was getting worried about passing the exam.

Regarding Examlab, I downloaded a copy of it a long time ago, do I need to download it again?

I mean, does it have updates, or the SCJP 6 version of it is still the same?

Thanks again
I now have a lot of mock exams to choose from, and I'll be taking the exam on Tuesday.

I want to know how difficult the real exam's questions are.

Are the questions in the K&B book harder than the real exam? or are they on the same level of difficulty?

I've also solved some question from this book which are a bit less difficult than K&B.

I also have the practice exams book by K&B, does it have harder or easier questions than the study guide?

Thanks in advance.

Wouter Oet wrote:Well technically no. Because it is a stream you need to flush it before it is guaranteed to be written.
Normally this will happen. Remember that you can change the default outputstream (not on the exam).

I know you can change it by using setOut(), but since it wasn't changed, then this line is redundant, right?
I found this piece of code on page 501

Why did they call System.out.flush() here?

Doesn't the default output get automatically flushed by default?
I saw the following code in a question I found in a book :

And the exam objectives don't mention specifically which classes will be on the exam

Note : this class isn't covered in K&B's book
Yes, I saw that too, but this question is from a different book

I'm using that book as a fast track to OCPJP, K&B is just too big to go over it all in a week or so

I guess I'll just skip this question

Thank you guys so much for your help

Prakash Mahto wrote:Hi
I donot think as it contains bitwise operator.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

I hope you're not

waiting for someone to confirm this......
The question is like this :

What is the result of the following code?

Is there a chance I could see a question like that on the exam?

Because as far as I know, bit-shifting is not on the exam anymore, it's been removed since the 1.4 exam, right?