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Recent posts by sivan jai

For me it took exactly 4 weeks but it was the time when there was lot of confusion regarding the switch over from Sun to Oracle/ online submission to email submission etc. I hope the process is more streamlined now.
Hey Teja - Congrats. Yes with better communication they could have avoided all those censored words
Hey Deepak - congrats I remember the days when we were waiting for the download instructions :-)
TIME MGMT. This was the only sun test for which I finished reviewing exactly at the time limit. Since it is open ended you tend to get carried away. Beware of that... otherwise if you had thought thru while doing your part 2 you should be fine. Nothing major.
I had different html pages but again it is upto you how you want to organize it. Make is easy for the assessor to see what he is looking for thats all.
Thats where the asssumptions come in - if you think an external system is left out of the original description you just state it in your assumption and add it to your model.
I would like to second Ryan's post here - well put.
yes returns need to be broken lines. Also usually I dont put return arrow if it doesnt add anything new to the picture or if it is very obvious - that is just me ofcourse.
I used umlet - I didnt have any issues with it and will recommend it.
Classes are what designers see components are what users see.
So the answer is yes and no I would say. The yes part is all the classes will all be taken care of by fewer # of components but there may be some components that you will think of while doing the comp diagram - for example there may a component that is common to a number of classes etc. So IMO there is no correlation between the # of classes and # of components
Yes you are right - DI is possible only in certain places.
personally I didnt include the actor in the sequence diagram.
I see no issues implementing your scenario with JMS (with MDBs pulling from queues)