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since Feb 26, 2010
preparing for SCJP 6
Coventry, United Kingdom
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Recent posts by alex cintea

Hi! I've seen your issue with charAt() method and this is what you can do.

7 years ago
@Tsank Thanks for your explication!

So is it alright if I do something like that ?

It works alright with this modification but I would like to know if it is a reliable solution.


K. Tsang wrote:The error says it all, the connection is already closed when you try to insert data.

How is your code set up?

Method selectEaters()

Method insertEaterDB()

I have an application that crashes after my first attempt to insert a record in PostgreSQL. Everything works Ok, but if I want to insert another record my program crashes.

I don't have any SELECT * within my queries. Any help will be appreciated.

That's the error I receive :

@Ivan Krasic First of all, I would like to thank you for your reply to my post and for your solution. I've seen the error after I pressed on Submit button. That was the error and hope that from now on to be more careful on what I do

7 years ago
Hi all!
I've just started to work with Struts and I get the following error:

Struts has detected an unhandled exception:

No result defined for action com.tutorialspoint.struts2.HelloWorldAction and result Success




7 years ago
It doesn't appear anything because you just compile the java file. A .class file has been created for you and now remains to run the command [java filename]
Hi everyone!

I want to get certified on Java programming but I find it very difficult what certification to choose from. Could you please tell me what certification to choose from? SCJP, OCA.

Thanks for taking the time

int i1 = -123;
System.out.printf(">%1$(7d< \n", i1);

printf("format string", argument(s));
%[arg_index$][flags][width][.precision]conversion char

The formatting data always start with the % sign.

1$ - represents the first argument that should be printed

() - enclose negative numbers in parentheses

7d - means that the string will have the width of 7 integers

\n - escape character new line

Hope that this will help you.
10 years ago