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Recent posts by Talha Kabakus

Here's my definitions for Axis2 & Spring integration with ServletContext. Getting 'org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found' error. All required jar files(axis2 & spring integration jars) are included into the path. I'll be happy if someone can guide me to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance,
With regards..

Addition to web.xml

Addition to applicationContext.xml

services.xml (which is under the /WEB-INF/services/KullanicilarWs/META-INF/)

and my service class implementation:

12 years ago

Prasad Krishnegowda wrote:In your web.xml, if you have mapped *.htm and *.ajax requests to spring dispatcher servlet.. In the dispatcher-servlet.xml, you should have specific mapping like, registration.htm and displayDetails.ajax and map those to their corresponding beans, this is what is missing in your configuration file, currently dispatcher-servlet has generic mappings like *.htm, *.ajax..

Thanks for your reply but I think I've configured it with declaring the bean internal path method name resolver 'localControllerMethodNameResolver'.

I don't want to declare each ajax or htm request individually.. So I used this method.. Isn't it true?
13 years ago
Thanks for your kind reply Prasad.

I use ajax requests because I develop web projects so I use many ajax requests, I need to catch them. For example when user click an item in the list, when I need to display its details I do this with an ajax request, etc. OK I can start with XML based configuration, so what is my mistake or absent in the configurations as I wrote above? Can you correct my configurations?
13 years ago
Well, first of all thank you so much for your interest. I want to use Spring MVC in my project to catch all my jsp pages while calling .htm. And I also want to catch all .ajax requests. That's all I want. I can take your recommendations to do this. Which Spring MVC configuration model is the best for me? XML based or annotation based? And I want to learn my configuration mistakes?

Thanks in advance, I really need your helps.

With regards and greetings,
13 years ago

Prasad Krishnegowda wrote:First, in your web.xml, you have mapped all the .htm requests to spring dispatcher servlet, in webmvc-servlet.xml, you have given *.htm, *.html, *.jsp and *.ajax to localcontroller, there is no way that other requests except *.htm invokes the webmvc-servlet.xml and in webmvc-servlet.xml, you cant have *.htm, you have to be specific..

OK, so what do you recommend to me? I want to map all .htm, .ajax, .jsp requests to localController. So should I remove .htm mapping from spring dispatcher servlet? Or?
13 years ago
Hello to everyone,

I'm taking URL handling problem as I wrote. I'm newbee at Spring, so I'm waiting your helps and patients.

When I try to launch http://localhost:8090/local/jsp/firstPage.htm or http://localhost:8090/local/firstPage.htm I can't launch my "firstPage.jsp" file which is under the "jsp" folder in the "WEB-INF" folder.

I'll be happy if someone helps me.
Thanks in advance.

Here's my congifuration files :





And my jsp page

13 years ago
Thanks for your reply Jeanne..

Now I'm taking another exception :

org.hibernate.MappingException: An AnnotationConfiguration instance is required to use <mapping clazz="model.Users"/>

Here's my Users class that is generated Hibernate tools..

Hello to everyone,

I'm new to Hibernate. I just want to do a sample project with Hibernate. But I've been taking exceptions, I'll be happy if someone can help me..
Thanks in advance..

And here's my hibernate.cfg.xml file:

Full stacktrace:
I didn't understand what's happening here. Of course I don't have 64K RAM or graphics card. As I said before I have 3 GB RAM with two processors. My laptop is good while using any other softwares. But while using Eclipse, it's going to be slower time by time and after some time it doesn't respond to me. You can search in Google, I'm not the only one who has this problem. Some of my friends have this problem too. I think to solve this problem, I must change its configurations like Garbage Collector's work period. I'm a web developer, so I use Eclipse with Apache Tomcat. That's all my eclise has. No further plugins, etc.


Mark E Hansen wrote:Same here what? The topic you're posting to was from 2003 and had to do with someone that was not able to upgrade their JVM to the 1.4 level. Are you saying that you're still running on a JVM version < 1.4?

Rather than trying to wake the zombies, perhaps you can just post a new topic with a description of your problem.

I've already created topic, here's the link : Click
Thanks for your interest..
same here.. please can someone guide us???
Here's my eclipse.ini configuration :

Thanks in advance..
Thanks Peter for your reply..
Well, truly I have just installed my OSs(both Ubuntu & Vista), so I don't think that my DLLs are corrupted. So my Eclipse IDE is new
and again I don't think it's corrupted too.. By the way when I googled this problem, I saw that I'm not the only one that have this problem.

Thanks & regards,

David Newton wrote:What plugins do you have installed and active?

I just installed "Hibernate". That's all.. I'm using "Eclipse Galileo IDE for Java EE Developers SR2", the first one in the download page.
Thanks & Regards,
@Mark E Hansen, David Newton
Thank you so much for your interests. Here's the inside of my eclipse.ini file.
@David Newton
My laptop has 3 GB RAM, 2.0 GHz x2 CPU and 19 GB free space.