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Mario Bigras

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Recent posts by Mario Bigras

I just passed the exam and I wanted to know more about the logo that they suppose to send you and you can use on your buisness card. What logo is it ? Can I use it on my personal webpage ?
Is it the Java steaming cup ? or is it Duke ?
Because I want to make a CV on my personal site but can hardly wait 3 weeks to receive it ! If somebody could tell me which logo it is --> I could find it and use it in advance since it's only for my personal page (that only potential employers will see) Is it big ?
Because now I want to find a job in Java and for sure want to take advantage of being certified...
Your help is appreciated...
Hi I just passed my exam. Here 's my thought :
First it's very long and the time is very short. I had the time to read and answer the questions but I did not have a single minute to review my questions.
Most of the questions in the exam will make you "pop up" a new Window (Click the exibit button) full of code. The problem is you have to close/open that new window for reading the code in the first place; then open/close to compare all the possible answer.
The amount of code in those Windows are VERY MORE THAN ANY MOCK EXAM I DID (Marcus Green, Jxam etc.)
And think about it : 120minutes/59 questions = 2 minutes per questions --> is this a race ?? I was also king of prepared.
Even those little tricky questions are more difficult than almost any exam.
I had a better marks in the mock exams said to be MORE DIFFICULT THAN THE REAL EXAM; 75 versus 70 for the real exam.
The exam is said to be random/questions in category. There is 2 category where I had more than 9 questions out of 59...Threads and I/O. For the latter not too bad but the Threads one are are though.
Take advantage of the interface --> it can give you more time. You can skip a question or you can mark it. After you can browse in all questions you did not answer OR all the questions you marked with a click of a mouse. Aside for the code windows being in a separate window (and most of the time almost as big as the screen) the interface is good.
I am very dissapointed to pass with a mere 70. I has study to have very more than that. I know it's just important to pass it but Ireally put a good amount of time trying to have at least 80%
I found one typo : in a for loop the condition was like this :
for(int i = 0; i > array.length; i++) and that was a mistake since the answer did not reflect the bad condition. I am sorry I do not remember clearly enough which question number it was...
I was surprised :
- only 1 question about "bit shift operator"
- only one question about gargabe collection
- few for is a/ has a, polymorphisme
- I had two times the same and exact question (and I was not sure it sucks)
- be sure to know overloading/overriding in and out
I missed time and I was prepared. And usually i do not miss time in exams. Skip any question you feel you will loose to much time : the 2 minutes/question is a good indications...

20 years ago