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Recent posts by Ramesh Sunkara

I exported a launch file for my sample project

This is what I got?
How to use it? I have A jar in Build path. Where is it mentioned in this launch file?

There are some really good tools to create a launcher for java applications. Both in Eclipse, IntelliJ and NetBeans you can export your app and have a launcher written for you.

I don't want to run my application from Eclipse.
12 years ago
hi Jesper de Jong,

Thanks for your suggestion.

If I start my application like you said how to handle with the 3rd party jars.

Say I have some 100 jars which must be in ClassPath.

Is it good to set classpath like this:
12 years ago
Hi Folks,

I recently moved to Stand Alone application development project.

The way we are running the app currently is using ant i.e., we have .bat file which invokes ant and

in the default target of ANT's build xml we are invoking the Class which has the main method.

>> bat file


Is this the good method to start the application?
12 years ago
The anti virus is not moving those files.\\May be start-up script is moving them.
12 years ago
I will do that and post here the consequences
12 years ago

What operating system? Especially the version.

MicroSoft Windows XP Profession Version 2002 Service Pack 3

Exactly where was Ant installed? Full path, please!


Is the PC in a corporate environment?


Have you checked the anti-virus software to see if it quaranteened the JARs?

No, I didn't i will check now.

Thanks a lot for your time
12 years ago
I recently found this error in my colleagues system.

In her system the reason ant.jar from ANT_HOME\lib got deleted.

In fact all the jars from ANT_HOME\lib got deleted. Its strange but happening everytime she restarts her machine.

If any one has a fix for this please share.
12 years ago

The array list in itself are backed by an array of what type you are allocating.

1) I didn't understand what is backed by an array. Can you please clarify me?

al.add("Lorem ipsum")/alloc(12 x 2 bytes) put the ref to that memory into the array.

2) Why it will allocate 12 x 2 when there are only 11 characters (including space) ?

It is impossible to know how much memory the Strings (or objects) will take when you create the Array.

3) thanks a lot. I never knew this.

4) value of the reference --> is the value of reference means the address of the memory space?


If bake a Tau (2 pie) and give them to you, they are still taking up the same space, but you have to hold them in your hands and my reference to them are no more.

i didnt understand this example. what exactly you meant?

6) will this return the reference i.e., address of the arraylist.
In that case will just point to that same address?

Thanks a lot for your valuable time.

13 years ago
Hi Folks,
I have very basic doubt. Please do clarify me.

1) In the method getEmployeeDetails() since am creating an new java.lang.ArrayList it allocates/reserves memory for default capacity i.e., for 10 java.lang.String objects.
( this is my understanding,please let me know if am wrong)

2)So, when that method returns the empDetailsList since empDetailsList is method level variable,it will be eligible for GC.

3) Now, does


will also consume the same amount of memory since we assigned the value( since Java passes by value) which we got from the method getEmployeeDetails() to it ?.

13 years ago
Ya I do accept. I should have not used the word "always"
Quartz is always a better option.you will have lot of options to scedule a job.

My problem is.
While running the ant build, the "run-tests" target in my build file is taking **Test*.java files as input. Instead of that *.java files I want to give the jar which was generated as input. But am not successful.

Does anyone knows how to give it?
13 years ago
Thanks Hauke Ingmar Schmidt for making me more clear when I can use Quartz.
It can also because of failure in class initialization.

Check whether there are nay static blocks in that class and verify whether that code in static block runs.
13 years ago
My approach is..

Write a quartz job which checks the database for every configured period of time and notifies if there is any change.

It may not be a good method but just an another way to do your job.