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Recent posts by Tejas Morabia

Why dont you try codefutures Firestrom. It will help you generate code in many different language like spring, hibernate or normal jdbc with just providing database schema.
It has really good coding standards and very good UI for easy and self explanatory code generation.

10 years ago
I have a doubt which might be silly for experience Rails developers.
I am creating an application which is suppose to embed a video player with URL passed to it.
So while displaying i.e in XXX.html.erb file i am writting below code. Now problem is @movie.trailer is my variable in ruby code which has URL value . I want the embedded video to load with URL given by this variable value. Any suggestion how am i suppose to place the value of Ruby variable(@movie.trailer) in <embed src="variable_value"> part.

Note :- This code is working perfectly fine if i statically give value of URL.
Please help
10 years ago
A transfer object are usually detached. And detached object cannot be removed.
So i will suggest try to use merge before removing.
Try something like this

I hope this helps.
Can someone explain me in details the following question.
1) whats the main difference between top down and bottom up approach in web service?
2) which approach is most suitable and in which condition?
its quite a basic question with respect to web services but i am unable to find any good source giving proper answer to this questions.
10 years ago
I doubt while exporting project to jar in eclipse, it will include the external jar files in it.
The wizard shows it will only include source files, class files and classpaths.
Where as you can use other options like
1) If its hard and fast to build it through eclipse. You can use eclipse plugin called as Fat-Jar. Find more information from this link Fat Jar Eclipse Plugin
2) My suggestion to your Apache Ant to build or export your project into runnable jar file.

colin shuker wrote:Hi, I have an application in eclipse that has mail.jar and activation.jar added to its build path.

When I export the project into a jar file (windows xp) and run it, I get:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/mail/Authenticator

I'm not sure how it works, but I guess its using the java installed on pc which doesn't know about those 2 jars.
But they are exported in the jar file, so I thought it might work.

Is there anyway to fix this so I can run this jar on any computer that has java 1.6 installed? Thanks for any help.

10 years ago
Hi just to simplify the answer to first question and the problem with below line of code,

1) Return statement needs to be specified for each condition in the function, in this case for condition if(t==10) you are assigning b=true and not returning value which is incorrect.
2) return type cannot have assignment(like b = 10) or conditional statement(like if else statement) in it.
And its advisable to do most of the variable value manipulation before the return statement rather then inside return. this will make your life easier in debugging.
I am developing an application were their is no bound on number of records so i have decided to store all the data in form of XML rather then in relational database.
Can someone please let me know which techology is best suited for such kind of operations and why?
I have heard many names like
2) XStream
3) XMLBind
Thanks in advance