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Recent posts by Soumya Ranjan Mohanty

i did exactly what you said and it's working fine. Thanks a lot joy b chakravarty .Can you please explain what was the mistake so that i can clear my doubt.

Again Thanks a lot.
I am not able to delete the corresponding one-to-one relation row using delete option of cascade. Here are the code for my class and Mappings.

Code For Class.

Code for Class

mapping -- Employee.hbm.xml

mapping- PersonalDetails.hbm.xml

When i delete any row from Employee table the Corresponding Foreign key row in PersonalDetails Table is not deleting. Please Help Me.


What is persistencecontext and EntityManager ? what does it mean as


I have Searched in google but couldn't find a appropriate solution.

Cameron Wallace McKenzie wrote:I'm currently looking for a distributor in India. Maybe in a few months?

Thanks for the interest!


Sir, did you find any distributor in India? i am very keen to buy your book. it's not available here.
Why can't we Use super in a static method. as super refers to the super class object then why can't we use super inside a static method. Please Explain.

Deepak Bala wrote:Yes. The equivalent would be an int array whose length is 0

Thank you.

When i called takeVar() without any arguments , the program runs fine. Does it mean var-args can take 0 or more arguments?
Need References to Learn Java Annotation. How exactly it Works.
13 years ago
Can we Use super while creating a Generic class as.

add is not allowed for ? extends but can be applied to ? extends super . C&B page 619.

i am getting Couldn't Find even if i found the element. please help me. How to omit that message for found elements.
13 years ago
Congratulation. I am preparing for the Exam. How was the question Standard? is it as difficult as the questions in K & B book or the Master Exam ? or it was more difficult than that??
13 years ago
Question From Learn Key Master Exam.

Given Two Files


This Code doesn't compile. please Someone help me to make this compile.

Showing Compilation error as Incompatible type. Why?
13 years ago

Code is from K&B page no 501. i am not getting the output.

i execute: java ScanIn "\d\d";
input : 12aa675fks
got output as : found null