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Recent posts by Prasad Kharkar

Hello all,

I am starting preparation for OCEJWSD and have read SCDJWSLinks.
Though there are two editions available for book Java Web Services: Up and Running. I would like to know which edition should I go for.

Hi Jaikiran,

Thanks a lot for putting them.
Hi Frits, I am not able to add link to the page. I'm simply tring to add

* Prasad Kharkar's "OCEJPAD (1Z0-898) study notes"

and wen I submit, it rejects edit and shows error message The changes to this page were rejected because a banned word or phrase was used..

Please advise.
Thank you for those words Frits. It means a lot to me I am waiting for your feedback Please feel free to provide constructive criticism so that it will help me improve the quality and hence useful for the readers also. As it turns out again, javaranch is the friendlist java community.

I will add the link shortly.

I am hoping to serve all ranchers well.
Dear all, I have recently cleared OCEJPAD. I have done lots of hands on programs for it and have shared on my website I've written about most of the concepts there along with database diagrams and JPA entities with working examples and I feel it wll be quite useful for fellow JPA learners also.

I would like to include this in OCEJPAD links. It will be helpful for OCEJPAD aspirants.
I will be honoured to have my work included on javaranch.

Hello Abhay, thanks a lot. Please let me know if I need some improvements on the blog. I will definitely look into them and continue providing JPA articles.

9 years ago
Hello, I would like to share experience with OCEJPAD exam and some tips to prepare for it.

I started studying from Pro JPA 2 : Mastering Java Persistence API book in January. Simultaneously while studying, I used to take examples from the book or create my own and did hands on programs. After successful execution of programs, I wrote articles about them on my website Although this process was slow, it helped me gain confidence and actually have experience in building JPA applications.
After I completed studying and implementing most of the examples from the book, bought Enthuware's mock exam simulator in July as it had been useful for OCPWCD exam. I was willing to take the exam in July itself hence directly started with standard tests in simulator. To my disappointment, I could not clear 2 tests in first attempt. Reading and attempting examples from the book wasn't sufficient for me ( and after that I could not study for a month as I was busy in some other important work). After a month, I downloaded and read the JPA specifications from oracle's official site and also created some word documents to gather important annotations, exceptions, enum and related information from oracle's official JPA javadoc. After studying them carefully, started with Enthuware's practice tests
There are 3 sections in practice tests, 1. Easy tests 2. Tough Tests and 3. Very Tough tests. I was able to clear these tests with moderate scores. So again delved deep into the explanation for all mistaken as well as correctly answered questions as they provide more information about the topics. Now, it was time to schedule the exam and take the Standard tests. Took the standard tests on 1st, 2nd,3rd and 4th September and scored 86%, 72%, 75% and 86% respectively. On 5th september, again went through the JPA javadoc for a final touch.
On 6th September, I became the Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer

In summary
  • Exam is difficult. Work hard. Prepare well (Atleast thats my experience)
  • Thoroughly read Pro JPA 2: Mastering Java Persistence API
  • Prepare some programs, then more and then some more.
  • Buy a good mock exam simulator. I recommend Enthuware because of couple of good experiences with it
  • Be a champion.
  • 9 years ago
    Hello everyone,
    I am trying to implement form based authentication using JAAS in mysql and tomcat.
    I followed the tutorial here

    I have added roles in tomcat-users.xml and also security configuration in web.xml of the project.
    the application runs but even if I enter correct user credentials, I am redirected to error page only.
    Please help me regarding this, tomcat log doesn't show any error also.

    this is the database realm configuration for mysql in server.xml in tomcat

    the web.xml security configuration is

    I have added the manager role in tomcat-users.xml is as follows

    I start the application and visit http://localhost:8080/security-form-based/protected/index.jsp
    it correctly redirects me to login page but when I enter username and password, it always redirects me to error page.

    what could be the solution for this? I am stuck with this for 2 days now.

    in the database,

    the role allotted for user 'prasad' is 'manager' and the password is 'kharkar'

    I have configured the manager role in tomcat-users.xml

    11 years ago

    Mikalai Zaikin wrote:

    Prasad Kharkar wrote:
    so should I read it or not?

    Don't read it. Everything has changed in EJB since 2004.

    Mikalai Zaikin.
    Thank you sir,
    seems like I wasted my money on that.

    so should I start with the books provided in the SCBCD links?
    O'reilly's EJB 3.0 is recommended everywhere.
    Hello all,
    actually I am starting to study EJB.
    I just bought Head First EJB but here according to experts the EJB book won't be useful at all.

    so should I read it or not? I am a little bit confused.
    According to the approach used in Head First series, I thought it would make me understand concepts thoroughly.
    so should I read it or not?

    Hello all ranchers,
    its great to come back to our forum with a good news
    I cleared OCPWCD 5.0 with 84% on monday. I am happy for it.

    Well for preparation,
  • Study HFSJ thoroughly
  • Prepare your own notes.
  • Do some practical examples with each objective
  • buy enthuware and take all practice exams
  • review all the question from each mock test in enthuware

  • Well, its good to be certified its a great satisfaction after preparing hard and clearing the exam
    to all ranchers preparing for it, please don't get those real exam dumps at all.
    Maybe you will pass with flying colours, but you will never get the satisfaction of passing.
    After good study, you will really feel great about your being certified and will feel proud about yourself.

    For me, the preparation period was good, as I am working now, I don't get much free time but managed to study early in the morning
    After studying, I bought the enthuware mock exam simulator (This is great and really worthy for price )
    I used to take 1 mock test every morning and study and review all the wrongly answered questions in the evening and again study all the questions
    This preparation lasted for 10 days and finally I took the exam and cleared it

    Enthuware scores will definitely give the idea about the real exam score
    I had scored 84,86,90,87,83,90,80 and 78
    this averages 84.75 and my real exam score is 84

    so when you pass enthuware you will surely pass real exam

    Happy learning fellow ranchers, feel proud of yourself for your urge to gain knowledge....
    12 years ago
    Hello ranchers,
    its great to be here after so long

    a question is coming to my mind
    "why is the hashmap not sorted? "

    I know that tree map is provided for sorting but
    still I want to know why hashmap was made such that it does not sort ....

    were there any technical problems? or some limitations?

    please enlighten

    husshh !!
    Solved it by clearing the cache in firefox

    but I have another query
    I want to go to some page after the javascript function is called

    I wrote the following code but it is not working
    what should I do to correct it?
    Hello all

    I am doing a simple project in JSP and Servlets using eclipse
    I have included a file submit.js in that and it worked fine till yesterday

    today I made changes in it, they are getting saved in eclipse but when I start the web project
    in the web application, the javascript I got is the previous one

    then I refreshed the project, restarted tomcat, but no use at all

    then for just checking , I completely deleted the file from the project but it is still working
    means, firefox is successfully linking to the javascript file and showing the PREVIOUS code

    but when I open that in internet explorer then the file is not found

    what is the problem?

    is it with firefox?

    please help

    have a nice time