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13 years ago
The result was not shown at the end for me. However, I took the exam prior to the exam being rebranded by Oracle (even though there should not be any changes according to Oracle).
What does the printed result sheet given by the prometric center say about the test outcome? Is this only displayed on the screen or the printed result sheet as well?
How about starting from the most obvious place of all? http://www.forex.com
13 years ago
While the exam does not require you to use any particular tool (or any tool for that matter) to draw your UMLs, it is assumed that you will be using a tool to create your UML artifacts. Also, the UML tool that you will use for architecture on real life projects is not just for pretty picture creation. It has a lot of added benefits such as ensuring compliance with UML standards, pointing out obvious design flaws, generating code skeletons from UML artifacts, reverse engineering existing codebase into UML models for maintenance etc.

Creating a UML model by hand is not recommended except for the simplest of projects. I don't think any commercial enterprise project would fall in this category. Architect a solution for the SCEA assignment in a way similar to what you would do in real life, which is to use a good tool for creating your UML models.

Just my opinion though.....
I watch Fox news to get the conservative viewpoint and MSNBC for the liberal viewpoint. I believe in making my own "fair and balanced" concoction and don't rely on a single source to provide it for me.
13 years ago
Office Space
40 Year Old Virgin
13 years ago

Mike Simmons wrote:Oh, please. The original post was pretty clear on this with its examples.

13 years ago
Many web sites on the internet are popping up where you can esentially make calls anywhere in the world for free. Traditional VOIP works by having your call routed over a shared data network to the other party. With the new VOIP business model, you go to a web site and enter your phone number and the other party's phone number (both of these phone numbers can be in different countries) and then click connect. At this point, both parties get an incoming call and neither party gets charged for making an outgoing call. Pretty cool stuff I think.

13 years ago

Rod Bossini wrote:Is there a smart manner to determine how many times a given integer n number can be divided by two?

The answer is "infinite". Nowhere is it mentioned that the result of the division shouldn't be a fraction.
13 years ago
I am not interested in travelling too far into the future, just till tomorrow night 11 PM is fine when the powerball numbers are drawn.
13 years ago

Lave Kulshreshtha wrote:Thanks expert, will it be worth to read old version of SCEA and covering various topics from various books.

Also which book of SCEA will be good to purchase on Amazon.com, I am not sure if they are selling SCEA5.


You will probably have to read several books regardless of whether you read the SCEA study guide. The SCEA study guide is available on amazon at the link below.


While the older version of the book covers most topics, you will find the newer version more in alignment with test objectives (esp EJB3 et al).

Good luck with your certification preparation.
I believe that this is dependent on the geography that you are located in. Candidates in the US have been paying directly with a credit card for Sun exams on the prometric site for quite some time now. You might want to check with your local Sun/Oracle representative office.