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Recent posts by imran tariq

When WebSEAL is unable to process an access request from a client browser, WebSEAL returns an HTML error message page to the client. The error message page explains why the access request failed.

I think you should know what does 404/403 mean.

In the link I posted earlier that have details in it.
12 years ago
There can be any error that come up in webseal. e.g 404, 500, 200 etc
Hope this link will help you and you can help me.
12 years ago
Hello Everybody,

I am in urgent need for answer.

I have an application in webseal. The problem is that when an error (403 or 404) comes, the error pages of webseal are not being displayed.

Please help.

Imran Tariq
12 years ago
Hi, I need Step-by-Step help for SAML. Here are some of my requirements. Please help.

All SAML specific functionality will be implemented using the open source OpenSAML libraries.

We will support both Service Provider (SP) initiated authentication as well as Identity-Provider (IdP) initiated authentication.
Thanks Jesper you are right. It was the jre's problem. RAD's default JRE has a bug in it. After configuring othe JRE I got my program running.
13 years ago
No, this is not a compiler error. code is working fine in Eclipse but having problem in RAD.
13 years ago
One best option is to use SAML and OpenSAML libraries. Google is doing the same for its apps.
Once you will login from your any application then a key will be set and if you tried to access another application it will allow you to access because of that key.