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Recent posts by Suraj Jadhav

Some time I get this problem because of my antivirus. If you are also using any antivirus disable it or try with some downloading tool so that you dont have to start the download again.
Thanks Tim and Knute for your response. I have verified the pom and that is configured for JDK 1.7.

My problem is that when I execute the program with Cygwin it uses JDK 1.6 but when I execute the program from Windows command prompt it is using 1.7.

My confusion is that why it is behaving different on same machine though the JDK for JAVA_HOME is same and save Maven is used.

Only the difference is that the environment from which I am executing the program.

Do I need to set any specific environment variable for Maven before executing it from Cygwin.
7 years ago

Following are the environment details that I am using for my development.

1. OS: Windows
2. JDK: IBM 1.7
3. Maven: 3.2
4. Cygwin

I am getting following problem when I execute the my java program from Cygwin(installed on windows)

After initial analysis I found that cygwin is using JDK 1.6 though the JDK home is 1.7. When I execute mvn -version from cygwin I get following output

# mvn -version

but when I execute mvn -version from windows command prompt I get.

Is there any way to configure JDK to 1.7 (in MVN or in cygwin).

Any help on this is really appreciated.
7 years ago

I wanted to use GDSSecurities's PMD ( rule set for my development code. But those ruleset depends upon pmd-gds-1.0.jar which is GDS's custom jar. To resolve the jar dependency I have added pmd-gds-1.0.jar into my Eclipse's PMD plugin folder's lib directory. I also added the jar's details into MANIFEST.MF for PMD plugin under Bundle-ClassPath section. Following are the my environment details.

Eclipse Version: Helios Service Release 2 20110218-0911

PMD Plugin version: net.sourceforge.pmd.eclipse.plugin_3.2.6.v200903300643


But whenever I tries to import the rule set I am getting following error.

I am not able to figure out that what is going wrong.

Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I have not written any function/procedure for this as I just wanted to insert the data for testing purpose. I am getting following error.

Error: DB2 Database Error: ERROR [42601] [IBM][DB2/NT] SQL0104N An unexpected token "END-OF-STATEMENT" was found following "er Integer Default 0". Expected tokens may include: "<psm_semicolon>". LINE NUMBER=1. SQLSTATE=42601

I even tried removing the declaration line but still no luck.


I want to Insert rows into database, for that I am trying to use WHILE/FOR loop in SQL. The query snippet that I am using is as below.

Database Version: IBM DB2 9.7

I am using Toad 4.0 as SQL editor for executing the command. The problem is that I am getting various syntax errors.

Does any body know how to do insertion using While/For loop?

Thanks in advance.

Struts 2 has much richer functionality than Struts 1.x. Its a complete new framework but still uses MVC architecture. You can get difference between both of releases from following links.
Rose India.
Apache Site .
12 years ago
The ear file that you are deploying is using CSRF Guard feature. CSRF guard is feature that avoids Cross Site Scripting. On accessing the application, CSRF Guard generates one random token and appends it to the URL of application which cannot be tempered. You can disable this feature by disabling it into its configuration property if you really don't want this feature.

You can get more details about this on
12 years ago
First of all it looks like there are compilation error in your code. You first need to resolve those error. Did you copied the html contains from some editors. Because compiler is saying that there are special characters in your code. I will suggest rather that use IDE like Eclipse rather than plain notepad if you are new to Java. IDE will point out the common error before compiling.

Second problem that you are getting is while compiling your code.

First make sure that you have set JAVA_HOME properly. Also servlet jar are in classpath. I could see that you have given wrong path.

It should be d:/project1/tomcat/common/lib/ where / should be after d:

Head First servlet and JSP is a great book. Compilation details that are given in first chapter is related to Mac OS and I guess you are using Windows. You need to make little changes in command while compiling your code.
12 years ago
I think instead of writing this code in JSP you can also make it as html file. But to resolve your error try removing line no 5 if there is not a requirement of specific encoding type(UTF-8). Also check your respective xml configuration file because from the exception it look like error is getting while parsing xml file.
12 years ago
Actually TextPad is a kind of editor which renders the file depending upon extension. It maintains reserved word, special characters and then it highlights/colors those word with that value. But when you copy from that editors it wont copy those settings. You can try coping code from Eclipse.
12 years ago
If I am guessing right you want to implement something like BreadCrumbs in your application. There are different ways to implement and its depends upon your application. For e.g. If your application is small then you can implement some kind of traversing mechanism(using collection). You can also use database or JavaScript. You can also use Apache tools:

For other references you can check:
12 years ago
Its very difficult to figure out the problem. You can check the eclipse logs that are generated in folder where eclipse is installed or in the workspace which you are tries to open. It might happen that some plugin got corrupted while closing the workspace.