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sandip kulkarni

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Recent posts by sandip kulkarni

Java 8 salient features like : Lambda expressions, Parallel operations, javascript engine, date time api and Concurrent accumulators looks great. Really keen on exploring it and implementing those features in projects.
Really enthusiastic to know how client side scripting (javascript) is integrated with Java (mostly server side programming language). This will definitely help bridge gap between UI and backend.

Sandeep Kulkarni
6 years ago
I am little familiar with the power of Spring when it comes to creating fully functional enterprise web applications. The dependency injection and AOP have really made development so much easy and application scalable. I have been reading "Spring in Action" Manning book and trying Spring integration with ORM technologies like Hibernate etc. Also, trying Spring integration with Webservices. This book cover these integration features in brief as its real focus is on teaching Spring core features.
I am really looking forward to go through new book - "Spring Integration in Action" so the integration of my current spring app becomes easy. The chapter on "Chatting, Tweeting, JMS and Webservices"
7 years ago