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Recent posts by Rohan Malhotra

Hey guys,
The final release of Qt SDK 1.1. This final release is now ready for developers to submit apps to Ovi Store.

Download Qt SDK 1.1 from: The Qt-Tools

With the new features in the Qt SDK 1.1, developers can now publish high quality, graphically rich applications that will stand out on our latest range of Symbian devices.
In addition to Qt Quick, the Qt SDK 1.1 includes map and navigation features, imaging features for camera and photo gallery access, notification API plug-ins and other enhancements that enable developers to provide access to user content on the device.
9 years ago
Hey guys....

If you have been thinking about enhancing your apps with NFC, now is the time to bring your vision to life. Developers can create applications that leverage NFC technology using APIs provided in Qt, Java ME, and Symbian C++. Of these options, using Qt is the recommended approach as it’s the core development framework for Symbian and is available for MeeGo powered devices as well.

Nokia device and platform support for NFC

Nokia NFC APIs are now available to all developers in an open beta program.
9 years ago
There seems to be a lot of interest in deployment issues, especially with the new Oracle WebLogic Server based Fusion Middleware
9 years ago
That is great hope to see you there. A dedicated conference Application Grid and Oracle WebLogic Track, Database Development Track is a great Idea.. I guess there’s one to be held in the month of may in Hyderabad.. But I don’t know what all it covers… There seems to be a lot of interest in deployment issues, especially with the new Oracle WebLogic Server based Fusion Middleware
9 years ago
Hi guys I am a beginner and received an email from Oracle regarding JavaOne & Oracle Develop conference 2011 to be held in Hyderabad..

I am hoping attend Oracle Develop conference this year. Expecting several sessions about application Grid and Oracle WebLogic Track and many more is much needed.
Here's a link I received:

What do you guys suggest???
9 years ago
Yeah thats right... Its a great opportunity for mobile developers to win Cash prizes... and the last date for the submission of applications is 18th May, 2010...
10 years ago
Came across this useful bit of info – Forum Nokia has announced the 2010 calling all innovators contest for developers (especially mobile developers). This contest can be a golden opportunity for mobile developers. As a developer, I thought this info might be useful for other developers too, so wanted to share it with all of you all.

More info is available at

10 years ago
the next workshop now is on 26th April,2010 in Singapore and Philippines. Checkout the venue and agenda from the link mentioned above...
10 years ago
Forum Nokia and MSC Malaysia cordially invite you to Let’s Connect, an exclusive conference for mobile developers, content providers and business partners.

Connect to ride the wave of opportunity with Web Runtime Technology. Explore pathways to create, build and monetize exciting mobile applications through the Ovi store. Meet Nokia and MSC Malaysia visionaries to forge the roadmap to success.

Discover new ways of funding your ideas to make them real. Preview the N900 device, get inspired by success stories and catch up with the latest updates on emerging technologies such as WRT and Qt.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to explore new possibilities

10 years ago
Learn how to create WRT & all about Qt. Be on your way to success with simplicity!

Attend Success with Simplicity Workshop by Forum Nokia to know all about how Web Runtime (WRT) extends the Web Browser in Nokia Devices to enable users to experience widgets. Discover how you as a developer can offer an optimized web experience that a user can access with a single click. Transform the web into a truly personal mobile experience. Discover integration with features of Symbian through Nokia Platform Services 2.0.
The day will also feature a comprehensive overview of the Qt programming framework and how it helps overcome barriers to entry into mobile applications development.

Discover the power of its APIs that work in a similar way to other desktop APIs. Explore how Qt delivers the same APIs for Symbian, Maemo, and desktop applications to benefit from:

» Simplified Applications development in reduced time.
» Multiple platforms portability for increased opportunity for application sales.

WRT and QT enthusiastic can read more about this here:

10 years ago