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Recent posts by Muneeswaran Balasubramanian

Hi Balaguru,

Foreach loop only used for Iteration.That means readonly.

But using iterator we can modify the collection using the method remove of Iterator.

This point add the value to your post.Waiting for others quotes,,,,,
10 years ago
Hi Austin,

If you create the integer like

It creates the integer object by auto boxing.When you create the Integer from -128 to 127 by using the above syntax, it creates the object in the constant pool like create the string in string literal pool.
If you create the Integer with the value more than 127,it creates the object in the heap.So at the time of check equality using == it returns false.

The above rule is applicable for Byte and Short also.But not applicable for Float and Double.

Hi Naveen,

Here the overriding happen thru the Superclass's method.The Super class method throws Exception.So we have to handle the exception.If you try to call the method with the help of SubClass.No need to handle the exception.

HI Anna,
What is your score on last 2 exam labs?
Congrats Buddy
12 years ago
Added with Seetharaman,

By performing the operations like trim,toUpperCase,toLowerCase etc,change the state of the String,it returns the new String object.Otherwise it returs the same string object like this.So it returns true.

Hope this helps.
Hi Yea,

It doesn't override the equals method.Its just called the instance method of the class Nearly.The method returns true.
Without hashcode method also it returns true.Check that by comment the hashcode method.

Hope this helps.
Hi Chandella Montero,

Thanks a lot.
12 years ago
Hi Chandella Montero ,

Congrats Great Score.
And one more thing, How can i get the oracle questions?
12 years ago
Hi cattaneo


what about the difficulty level of the exam compared to Examlab?
12 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

Here i share some of the illegal combination of modifiers.

For Class:

For Methods:

Please enrich the list by adding yours also.
Hi Ikpefua,

12 years ago
Hi Seetharam,

Thanks for your reply.I ask that for the ocpjp examination.
Hi Rancheres,

I have go through the Formatter class api.It has the lot of format string.I can't keep in my memory .Is it really need to memorise all those things?
Hi Ikpefua.

Thanks for your reply.You just broke down my wrong myth.Thanks again.