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Recent posts by J J Singh


Please start with Ant then you can go to maven also

Ivy adds the dependency checking facility to ant , which is by default handled by maven if used properly.

Ant has good tutorial in its website , start from http://ant.apache.org/manual/
11 years ago
Have you added junit to maven dependency list ?

Something like


Please check it once
11 years ago

Frits Walraven wrote:I agree with Ankit here, but be aware of the differences between SCWCD5 and SCWCD6.

If you go for SCWCD5 and you are using tomcat 7 you can do things in EL(2.2) like calling methods on beans which are might confuse your understanding of the EL(2.1) that is taught in the book. Just read an example in this thread


Hello Frits

Yes thanks for information.

I just noticed that J2EE6 consists of

JSP 2.2 (JSR 245)
EL 2.2 (JSR 245)
JSTL 1.2 (JSR 52)
Servlet 3.0 (JSR 315)

Hence the use of the corresponding latest release of specifications would be helpful for the exam.

Tomcat 7 supports all of the above.
Which edition of book you are using ?

HF 1st edition was 1.4
HF 2nd edition is 1.5

I am using HF and using latest tomcat 7 which supports servlets 3.0 and jsp 2.1 specs . I suggest you should also use latest tomcat. There is nothing much difference and its always good to learn the latest stuff.
Dear All

I am looking for some book in which some application is build as we follow along , generally manning inaction series work like this. But i didnt not find any book inaction series for JSP 2.1 and Servlets 3.0

Any book which make some application project along with explaining projects would be useful

Thanks in advance

11 years ago

To use ant you need only bin not source

Just set the required anvironment variables for ANT_HOME as bin folder of ant and JAVA_HOME for java bin folder.

When you will press on command promt it should show ant verion installed

11 years ago
Okay i found it


Two dots will take me to parent directory of place where current location is

<mkdir dir="${basedir}/../classes"/>

e.g if basedir is .
then .. will take one level up

and then create directory named classes inside that directory.

11 years ago

Read the start of build.xml

<project name="RequisitionWS" default="dist" basedir=".">

it says default target is dist

But there is no target with name dist defined

there should be some target named dist similar to this

<target name="dist">

///some tasks


Hope it helps

11 years ago

I want to know from where this build.properties is being read

e.g 1 <property file="${basedir}/../Interface/build.properties"/>

e.g 2

This make directory task is telling to make something like classes folder , but where?

<mkdir dir="${basedir}/../classes"/>

how to read those two dots?

Thanks in advance
11 years ago
Thank You , classpath is working now.

I have following problem further.

I am using Ant 1.8.2 and Junit 4.8

My build file is

When i run this from Eclipse it runs fine.

When i try to run it using Ant outside eclipse it gives error as Failed

The targets are clean , init ,compile.org , compile.test , testing.junit

When i run clean , init , compile.org and comiple.test from ant it runs fine. But when i run the testing.junit inside ant it gives error as

My code for Calculator.java and its test class CalculatorTest.java is


Thanks once again in advance
11 years ago
Hi i am using the following code

and my javac target is

I get the message that path variable org.compile.classpath is not set when i try to run this. Can you please point out what is the mistake.
11 years ago