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Recent posts by Rajeev Rnair

Thanks Jeanne and Scott.
Your OCPJP book was really good and helpful! Glad that you have added a special section for 1Z0-813 upgrade exam
8 years ago
Hi guys,
I have passed 1Z0-813 - OCPJP8 upgrade exam yesterday with 76%. Studied around a month for this. (not full time though)
This is my lowest score in Java exams so far, but at least I am glad that I passed.

Used the following books:
1. OCPJP8 Exam 1Z0-809 A Comprehensive OCPJP 8 Certification Guide by S G Ganesh, Tushar Sharma, Hari Kiran Kumar G
2. OCPJP Java8 - Part 2 by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff
3. Enthuware mock exams
For mock exams, I used enthuware. This really helped a lot. I scored in the range of 60 to 65% in Enthuware mocks, but spent a lot more time in reading their explanations / answers.
As usual, their notes are really good.

There were couple of questions on CyclicBarrier, which I didn't see in 813 exam topics
Lots of tricky questions. So read questions again and again. You may see "null" and you think it is null
Almost every questions were mixed with lambdas and streams (at least 90%)
Several questions on reduce(), compute(), remoevIf(), computeIfPresent(), flatMap(), mapToDouble, collect(), Collectors.groupingBy(), Collectors.counting(), average(), replaceAll(), Comparator, thenComparing(), reversed() etc.
Make sure you know all these method signatures. Some of them has Function as an argument, some has BiFunction, UnaryOperator, Predicate, Consumer etc.
Also check the return values. Which one returns int, long, Optional<T>, boolean, void etc. Files.walk(), walkFileTree(), find(), Path.relativize(), FileVisitor interface, WatchService APIs, ForkJoin API's etc.
Got several questions on Exceptions, try() with resources, AutoCloseable too.

Good luck to you all!
8 years ago

Fernando Franzini wrote:
But that will stop solution for a few seconds losing active sessions from users. They need to re-authenticate....

Not necessarilly, we do that for applications in JBoss which is authentcated by Tivoli Access Manager and it doesnt force users to re login
never tried in OAS though. we get a maintenance window and we use that for deployments etc even though it is a 24x7 app

Hi Fernando, all most all application servers provide options for HOT deployment so that you do not need to restart app server after a deployment
For example in J Boss AS, you only need to copy EAR or WAR file to the deploy folder, which will deploy the application automatically
For web services (Spring) redeployment on a Linux server, I normally kill the current process, copy the JAR files, and run the shell script to start the service
For high availability, app / db servers can be load balanced and clustered. You can use different RAID solutions for database servers / app servers etc. If one disk fails, next one picks up automatically
Also consider virtual servers using VMWare etc where there will be a host server and multiple guest servers.
Think about backups of virtual servers. Also scheduled hot / cold backups of databases
Good luck!
Are you sure the above mentioned entities are NO way related to others in the domain model?
Are they totally out of place with other entities?
None of the above entities can be used with respect to your use cases with certain assumptions?

If the answer is Yes, it is strange! There must be a reason for the examiners to put them in the domain model

To be honest I cannot answer your question without seeing the domain model and description of assignment
If it can be connected anyway with other classes / use cases, I will go with option #2

I think you should correct the relationship in your domain model and explain it in your assumptions
I did so and I passed anyways I hadd Utility Intl assignment
They deliberately make errors in SCEA domain models ; As an architect, it is your responsibility to correct it with something which makes sense
Oh I got it; the above entities has nothing to do with any of your use cases! right?
Assuming these 2 entities doesn't have any relation with any of other classes. Please confirm
If it is possible to relate to any other entities (direclty or indirectly), try to do that and mention it in assumptions!
If that is the case, just put these two in the class diagram, and mention in assumptions that you are putting there because it was there in the domain model.

At least in my case, all entities were related; even though I had to change the relationship two places. I clearly mentioned that in the assumptions and without that change I couldn't have progressed

Good luck!
Hi Fernando,
Can you please explain what the issue is?
I see that SellOrder -> Buyer is a 1-1 relation; One sellorder will have one buyer and one buyer will have one sell order
Sellorder -> BuyerPayment is a 1-N relation; one sell order can have one BuyerPayment or multiple BuyerPayments; Buyer can pay partially
You need to assume payment mode (like credit card, debit etc) and clearly mention in your Assumptions

Admins, I hope this discussion is in the scope of this forum, other wise please delete my post

Congratulations Kali
You did it !!! part 3 status will remain like that only; Only part 2 status will change to "PASS"
wait for couple of days, you will get an email from Oracle
And within 5-10 days you may receive the certification kit too
Fernando, I used DAO only when interfacing with external systems; JSF Managed bean -> BD -> SLSB -> DAO -> ext systems
Otherwise I had the Business Delegate calling the SLSB's, which will call Entity Manager methods etc JSB Managed Bean -> BD -> SLSB -> Entity Manager methods

Hi Fernando,

In my sequence diagrams, I have shown the Entity Manager and the Entites
The SLSB will call Entity Manager functions like em.find() etc
I haven't shown other details of EntityManager
Hope this helps!


Sivakumar Paramjothi wrote:Last week I cleared Part 1, thanks to all who shared lot of inputs for the part 1 Qs posted. I have below questions w.r.t Part 2 & 3, appreciate your assistance in clarifying these....

1. Do I need to complete the mandatory course before taking up Part 2/3...? I did see someone writing a comment that part 2 & 3 were completed without the mandatory course, but wanted to confirm.
No, you don't need to take Training to complete parts 2 and 3. However you get the results of parts 2 and 3 once you submit the asssignment and appear the essay exam.
You will get the certification kit only when you complete the training and submit the course completion form

2. What is the min. level of hands on architecting experience needed for Parts 2/3..? I'm now transitioning from managerial role to technical role, hence I struggled a lot to barely pass part 1 since it was way above estimated level of complexity and hands on experience was apparent need.
You need to be well versed and experienced with all J2EE technologies. eg: JSP, Servlets, JSF, EJB, JMS / MQ, Web Services / SOAP / JAXP / JAX-WS/ JAX-RS, JPA etc
You should be able to design a project based on J2EE including interfaces to external systems and so on
As far as I am concerned, you need to be a good developer to be able to design a project. However you don't need to write a single line of code in SCEA assignment

3. What is the mode of delivering part 2..?
A JAR file. You get the naming convention and details once you download the assignment

4. I assume part 3 is class room exam (just like part 1) and part 3 Qs are on the solution delivered as part of part 2. Is that correct?
part 3 questions are general; but the answers should be based on the assignment in part 2
please refer Cade book for more details. Good luck with PART 2 and PART 3 !

I totally agree with Mikalai's suggestion.
1) Web Components Developer
2) EJB Developer (or JPA Developer)
3) JPA Developer (or EJB Developer)
4) Web Services Developer
Congratulations you have passed all parts of OCMJEA
The Essay exam 1Z0-866 status will be always TAKEN ( it doesn't change to PASS); Only assignment 1Z0-867 status will change to PASS. You can download score report (PDF) from Pearson where you can see your total marks!
Wait for a couple of days for the email from Oracle
If you have taken Training, you will receive certification kit
Congrats Madhu .. that was a tough exam!
And wish you all the best for SCEA / OCMJEA exam !!
11 years ago